In a short time of studies about web programming we are already faced with the word Angular, and the more one studies, the more it appears. Until we convince ourselves that it will be nice to know what it is about.

Then the confusion begins, because the Angular is no longer the same. It is difficult to understand it, therefore, it is not possible to make good analogies with what we already know.

What is Angular?

Angular JS training is a platform and framework for building the application interface using HTML, CSS and mainly JavaScript, created by Google developers. It has some basic elements that make this construction interesting.

Among the main ones, we can highlight components, templates, directives, routing, modules, services, injection dependencies and infrastructure tools that automate tasks, such as running unit tests of an application.

Angular helps us create Single-Page Applications with outstanding quality and productivity!

Some other points of this platform that deserve to be highlighted are the fact that it is open source, has a large community, there are several companies using and has a lot of study material for those who want to improve.

Angular vs. AngularJS

It is important to make it clear that we are talking about Angular, or Angular 2+. We are not talking about AngularJS 1.x. If you are new to the Angular world, you must be asking yourself: But what is the difference? Is it just the version?

In fact, they are completely different technologies!

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework for web development. It was the darling framework on the market for a few years. But to keep up with the evolution of technology, developers realized that it would be better to create a new framework from scratch, using all the experience they had with AngularJS and developers’ needs. And then, Angular 2, a true platform for developing applications not only web, but also mobile, with significant changes in its structure.

Obviously, an application developed with AngularJS is not compatible with Angular.

Of course, this big change has left some developers worried. Nobody likes to know that the technology they are using will be replaced by a new one, right?

Although the AngularJS project continues to be maintained, this change has caused it to lose strength in the market, giving way to the new Angular.

And it would not be any news to you if you went through your head: “What if I start using the new Angular and it happens again, to re-create the framework?”.

Although this possibility exists, in our opinion it is very small. And as software developers, we are always susceptible to this with any technology. And on the one hand, we think this is very good!

If they needed to re-create the framework to deliver us a much better new tool, why would not that be good?

One of the only certainties we have in this area of software development is that what we use today will no longer be used in a few years, at least not in the same way.

That’s why we need to be constantly improving, reading books, articles and taking courses such as Angular 6 training, as you are doing now.

By Loknath

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