Best Superbowl 2017 tech ads: Nintendo, Ford, Intel, Airbnb and more

The biggest American sporting event of the year is over and so is the spectacle that is the half-time show. This is the most expensive time to advertise on the planet, ever.

As a result there are some really, really great adverts. Yup, the things we usually avoid by switching over or waiting five seconds to hit skip are now actually sought after. When ad companies are spending $15 million for 30-seconds of airtime, you’d expect them to be pretty awesome.

Tech companies aren’t shy of a spare bit of cash and have been getting in on the action more and more over the last few years. This year we’ve dug out all the best tech ads from the event for you to enjoy, all in one place. Scroll down to check out the videos and enjoy.




[Source:- T3]