Long run fuelling strategy: just need to work out the best carrying device to prevent mid-run pie squashing

Someone make me a cup of hot Ribena, please. Sniff. Yesterday’s 15 miler seems to have tipped my immune system and my muscles over the edge – I woke up about four times last night with calf cramp, and now I can’t stop sniffling.

I think it’s safe to say I’m not going to end the year on a running high – except that I’ll actually be ending the year in the Alps, so I suppose I will, at least in terms of altitude, be quite high. Anyone got any tips on keeping up running while skiing? I suspect I will be doing the latter even slower than I am currently doing the former, which is to say, very slowly indeed.

So, who is doing an Advent Running streak and how is it going so far? I’ve had days when my runs are less running and more toppling slowly forward for half an hour -but it all counts. And is possibly the only thing stopping me actually turninginto a giant mince pie.

[Source:- The Gurdian]

By Adam