WITH hacktivism groups successfully disrupting the propaganda channels of Islamic State, the terrorist organisation has been forced to re-evaluate its methods.

In an attempt to stifle the efforts of hacking collectives, the terrorist organisation created its own app for Android smartphones.

Released by Amaq News Agency — a known IS propaganda outlet — the app has the sole purpose of showing “life inside the caliphate”.

This means Jihadists can watch beheading videos and speeches delivered by leaders within the terrorist organisation.

It also allows Islamic State to claim responsibility for terrorist attacks across the globe.

The app, which is not available in Google Play, was discovered by hacking collectiveGhost Security during a online search for IS-related propaganda.

Chief operation officer at Kronos Security Michael Smith — who works as conduit between Ghost Security and the CIA — believed it was only a matter of time before Islamic State took this path.

“When you consider how much content ISIS has amassed over the past one and a half years, it’s reasonable to think they will develop custom technology to control what they broadcast,” he told the Express.

Mr Smith said the terrorist group was always looking for easy ways to provide easy access to its material.

“[IS] want to create a broadcast capability that is more secure than just leveraging Twitter and Facebook,” he told The Mirror.

Already this year, Ghost Security claims to have removed 149 websites, 6,000 propaganda videos and 11,000 social media accounts linked to Islamic State.

This has been supplemented with the 12,000 social media accounts linked to the terrorist organisation being removed by Anonymous.

Furthermore, an encrypted messaging app used by the terrorist organisation has blocked 78 IS-related channels across 12 different languages.

[Source:- news.com]

By Adam