APPLE has finally heard the complaints that the iPhone battery is just not big enough. But the solution has given Apple fans the hump.

Apple has released its first smart battery case, joining a fleet of third-party accessory makers including Mophie who produce iPhone cases with an extra battery built in.

The iPhone 6/6S Smart Battery Case, which comes in white or charcoal grey, arrived in the Apple store overnight selling for $165.

Unlike most third-party battery cases, Apple’s solution for having a battery boosting case involves soft silicon edges and a big hump right in the middle of the phone.

Several reviewers have used the U word — ugly. And already Apple fans, who are happy to boast about the beauty of most Apple products, are taking to social media to agree.

One review in Endgadget says “The first time I laid eyes on this case I hated it”. That emphasis is in the original, although the reviewer does go on to find some beauty behind his initial repulsion..

Apple says it will boost the phone’s battery life so you get an extra 25 hours of talk, 22 hours of HD video playback and 18 hours of web browsing.

It has some advantages other battery cases do not. The main one is that it still has a Lightning port to charge your phone — most extra battery cases require you to carry a micro USB cable with you. And when your entire world is made up of Lightning cords around your home, car and office, having to remember to pack a non-Apple cable is a pain.

This battery case also, as is the Apple way, just works. That might be a plus or a minus, depending on how you look at it.

Most battery cases come with a button, and the user decides when to kick in that extra power boost. The Apple case starts charging your phone as soon as you put it on.

You can’t control when the power boost kicks in but you can easily observe your power capacity. Unlike with third-party cases, swiping down from the top of your screen will show you the battery level in both your phone and your case.

Having edges that are soft silicon, you can easily slip the case off — again, that’s often something tricky to do with a third-party battery case.

If that are all the positives, then the big negatives is that hump. And the elephant in the room has got everyone talking.

Is this the smart case for you? It depends on whether you like it or lump it.


By Adam