Various horses excel in different disciplines. If you want an all-around mount, you have to be prepared to put a lot of time and energy into training your horse but you also need to make sure your skill level is compatible with your riding companion. These three habits can help you prepare your horse to be calm and dependable for riders of all skill levels.


Train Your Mount in Various Events

Horses that are only trained for one event aren’t good all-around mounts. They lack skills that are developed through other events, so if you want a horse that can compete in multiple events, you need to train him or her in multiple disciplines. If you usually participate in barrel racing, try jumping or trail riding to give your mount different skills. If you do decide to try jumping, make sure you expose your horse to different types of jumps such as horse jump roll tops so he or she isn’t surprised on any new course.

Spend Time With Your Horse

A calm, dependable horse has to be socialized. While horses are naturally social creatures, you need to make sure your pet is as comfortable around human companions as he or she is around other horses. The easiest way to do this is to spend quality time with your mount feeding and grooming them.

Improve Your Riding Skills

Even great horses can be ruined by bad riders. If your skill level isn’t on par with your horse’s energy, you may not be able to control him or her. You may also find that your mount develops bad habits as a coping mechanism. Work on improving your riding skills so you can make sure you are training your horse the right way.

Training an all-around horse is a long process. Using these three tips can help you train a calm mount you can trust in any situation.

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