Why College Students Are Using Life Coaches To Kickstart Their Career

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When young adults leave college to try and get a job, there are going to be at quite a disadvantage. Unfortunately because most companies are looking for someone who already has experience, there are very few opportunities left where kids can go and intern or apply for an entry level position.

These days, most of the medial entry jobs are being outsourced to places like India, the Philippines, China, and even Vietnam. Because of this, many parents are calling upon a life coach to help their child by mentoring them on how they can better prepare themselves.

We recently spoke with Emily Thompson, a mother of three children with two of them just graduating college and asked her some questions about why she decided to hire a life coach for her kids and here is what she had to say:

Question: Why did you hire a coach instead of a guidance counselor?

Answer: I think guidance counselors are great and have nothing against them. However, coaches are better trained to guide their clients on finding their purpose and then building a plan to accomplish it. I think the most important thing that kids out of college need is a strategy and that’s where coaches can excel.

Question: What other benefits do you see in hiring a life coach?

Answer: Another area that a coach can help their client is by motivating them and holding them accountable. There are going to be a lot of challenges that arise and I think that when kids are young, they are quick to want to give up and a coach can inspire them to overcome adversity and hold them accountable when they don’t follow through.

The truth is that I tried helping my kids but they saw me as nagging them whereas if its coming from their coach, they are being “motivated and inspired” and that’s a different experience for kids who then are more open to receiving constructive criticism.

Question: How often do your kids see their coach?

Answer: They generally have a weekly call scheduled with our coach who speaks with them for about forty five minutes. Knowing that the call is every week really helps to push my kids to make sure they actually do the work they are supposed to do. And our coach also allows my kids to contact him by text or email during the week which is also very beneficial.

Question: Have your kids found a job yet?

Answer: Not yet but they are taking the necessary steps to better prepare themselves. Our coach has helped them build a strategy to target a few companies and I feel like its a great plan. Either way, its helping my kids mature and they are getting a lot out of the experience.