Water Cooler vs. Water Dispenser: Know the Difference

We find water coolers and water dispensers in homes and offices. Earlier, it was mostly in the commercial establishments and offices where these dispensers or water coolers were found. Now, these appliance are commonly found in homes too.

While both the terms – watercoolers and water dispensers – areoften interchanged, there is a subtle difference between the two. The fact is that all water coolers are water dispensers, but the reverse does not hold true. Once you know the differences, you will not mistake between the two.

Water Dispenser

Literally speaking, any receptacle that draws water from a tank and dispenses through a tap or a faucet is called a water dispenser. The ones that we keep in homes or offices draw water from large pre-filled water bottles. The water dispensed through it is at room temperature.

Water dispensers with inbuilt purifiers and direct connection to tap water are gaining popularity because of the following reasons.

  • To get a constant supply of water from the water dispenser, you need to keep one refill bottle as spare so that you can change when the current bottle gets empty.
  • It is quite possible that the water in the refill bottles is not purified by following a rigorous water purification process and is generally packaged drinking water rather than purified, as claimed.
  • The water is in plastic refills, which are stored in extreme and varied conditions like hot, humid, direct sunrays etc. This enhances the chances of mixing of harmful plastic compounds in water.
  • If the demand for the refills is more, then the supply can be disrupted leaving you in a fix.

The main difference between water dispenser and cooler lies in the fact that dispensers dispense water at room temperature, while coolers dispense cold water.

Water Cooler

A water cooler is very much similar to the water dispenser except that it has a compressor in it, which is designed to cool the water before dispensing it. For a water cooler to work, you need to plug it into an electric supply. If you have a water cooler at your home or office, you will have access to cold water instantly without the need for waiting.

It can have one, two or three taps for dispensing water. If the water cooler is meant for dispensing cold water and water at room temperature, then it will have two taps.

Water coolers these days come with inbuilt water purifiers so that you get to drink water that is not only cool but pure too. Impure water is notorious for causing waterborne diseases and infections. Though a majority of water coolers use refilled water bottles nowadays, those that have inbuilt water purifiers are getting more popular.

Installing water coolers that have inbuilt water purifiers is thus recommended to ensure access to clean and safe drinking water. There is a regular supply of water that is not dependent on the daily refills. As the water gets purified before it is dispensed, there is no chance of any pollutant entering if the purification unit is in accordance with the quality of water in your area.