Ecommerce Planning 101: Tips And Techniques That Promote Online Exceptionalism

Planning typically optimizes productivity, possibility, and profitability in the business world. As such, corporate leaders who are serious about making waves in the online realm should tap into the power of planning out their ecommerce growth strategies. Luckily, there are many steps that business owners can systematically implement to make their organizations run more effectively online. Here are three of them:

1. Focus On Optimizing Social Proof.

If you’re really serious about expediting and optimizing the ecommerce planning process, make sure that you focus on cultivating social proof in the online domain. Social proof is the process through which a business gains credibility in the minds of prospects and/or the general public based on the fact that a large group of people have already invested in the product. As many advertising experts know, there are a wide range of strategies that can be deployed to help a business owner cultivate deeper and deeper dimensions of social proof in the online realm. One is by having an industry expert speak favorably about the business owner’s products and services. For example, if someone who has extensive experience and/or education in a field such as compliance software claims that your new product will help employees document workplace harassment issues quickly and correctly, more and more people will likely begin to believe in the value of your brand.

Another social proof strategy that can really help your organization step into a deeper dimension of power and profitability online is celebrity social proof. This technique is empowering because many people recognize celebrity voices and aspire to be like them. Thus if a certain celebrity says they use a product or find that it adds value to their lives, there are typically many people who will jump at the opportunity to try it. One other form of social proof that can be particularly empowering is referred to as “wisdom of friends.” The “wisdom of friends” modality involves an individual coming to think that a certain brand is valuable based on the fact that people in their social networks say that it is so. One strategy that business owners can utilize to tap into the “wisdom of friends” modality is including Share Buttons at the top of the pages where their web articles or blog posts appear!

2. Move Beyond The Realm Of Mediocre Content.

In addition to optimizing social proof in the online domain, make sure that you move beyond the realm of mediocre content. Unfortunately, many business owners fall into the trap of neglecting the content production and publication processes. When this happens, prospects and customers are more likely to start frequenting the product pages of competitor websites. The end of all this is unwanted outcomes such as compromised conversion rates and less industry influence. As such, make sure that you’re periodically examining your content marketing processes to ensure that you’re producing the type of blog posts and web articles that other people will want to read. One way to make this happen is by carefully analyzing the trending hashtags to see what members of your target audience currently find important. You can then put together a piece that is immediately relevant to their lives and tweet a link to it via Twitter. This strategy will help your business cultivate and maintain a cutting edge image, but it’s imperative that you focus on the content quality in addition to mastering the art of publishing your work in a well-timed way. With this reality in mind, make sure that you’re focusing on key content optimization factors like a compelling title, numbered lists, and the inclusion of information-rich images provided through infographics!

Pay Attention To What’s Going On Offline

In many cases, business owners become so involved with the online marketing process that they stop paying attention to what’s transpiring in the offline realm. Don’t commit this error. Instead, make sure that you’re implementing strategies that will help your organization flourish outside of the digital domain. For example, utilizing services and products that will make your company more environment-friendly can help you appeal to the public. With this reality in mind, know that you can recycle your electronics Ontario through organizations like Greentec.


If you’re serious about making online exceptionalism your company’s new normal, know that there are many strategies you can deploy to realize the objective. Three of them are outlined above. Start using these ecommerce techniques immediately so your organization can begin to thrive in a big way!