Streamlining And Simplifying 101: How To Make Living More Effective And Enjoyable

At some point in life, people start to analyze their level of living and subsequently conclude that it is lackluster in some significant way. If you’ve recently drawn this conclusion, now is the time to start thinking about what types of strategies you can implement to make your mode of living more conducive to health and happiness. Luckily, there are many techniques that you can implement to make it happen. One is focusing on streamlining and simplifying your life so that you’re not constantly engaging in meaningless or unproductive activities that consume your mental and physical energy. There are many strategies you can implement to begin simplifying your life right now. Here are three of them:

1. Get In The Habit Of Setting Goals.

One of the best ways to simplify your life so you can live in a more productive, positive way is by setting goals. This strategy is helpful because it empowers you to get clear about what you really want in life. Once you take this step, you’ll be more effective in identifying and eliminating a wide range of activities, tasks, and responsibilities that play little to no role in helping you realize your personal and/or professional visions. Note that there’s no right or wrong way to set goals. The key is finding strategies which increase the likelihood that you’ll actually realize the goal. Some people find it helpful to share their goal with a trusted family member or co-worker who will hold them accountable for making it happen. Other individuals make a point to place their goal in a visible place so that they’re constantly reminded of the objective they’re attempting to realize.

2. End All Media Use For 30 Days.

If you’re really serious about simplifying your life so that you can become a more productive, positive individual, consider the value of ending all media use for 30 days. This technique is powerful because it will free up your time and energy so that you can think and act in more proactive, creative ways. If you think that media plays a minimal role in your life and therefore doesn’t warrant elimination, you’re likely incorrect. Research studies indicate that the average American watches 4-6 hours of television each day. Additionally, use of social media is now a new normal as more and more people regularly socialize with other people through channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Another technological entity that consumes a great deal of time for many people is email. It’s not uncommon to note that many people spend much of their time in the office checking and rechecking their emails to see if new notes have come in. By banning most or all forms of media that you’re currently plugged into for 30 days, you’ll likely find that you’re able to think more critically, conserve more energy, and use your mind in more independent, effective ways that help you establish and maintain the specific type of life you’re attempting to cultivate.

3. Focus On Work Optimization.

One final strategy you can implement to take your level of living to an all-time high is focusing on work optimization. Taking this course of action will enable you to experience less stress while on the job. It can also optimize your productivity, thereby enabling you to receive promotions, raises, public recognition, etc. One of the best ways to optimize your work life is by ensuring that you always have the right equipment on hand. In the event that your organization makes use of the vertical conveyor lift, know that you can obtain this product from companies such as Verticon, LLC.


Individuals who are serious about leading incredible lives should know that it won’t just happen. This is the case for many reasons, including the fact that we live in a world where mediocrity is normative. Additionally, many if not most people are constantly subjected to various subtle and salient forms of mind control which preclude them from thinking and operating in an independent manner which would empower them to understand who they are and what they want out of life. Despite these challenges, individuals who are serious about living on purpose and maintaining high levels of happiness should know that they can. To begin your journey into more productive, purposeful living now, incorporate some or all of the strategies outlined above into your daily life!