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Waterproof your tech life with these gadgets

onstantly out dashing through thunderstorms. Maybe you like to spend time at the beach and stroll through the gentle waves. Maybe you just have an unfortunate skill for dropping your tech in the toilet or into the sink while you’re doing the dishes. Let’s check out some gadgets and accessories that take some of the watery worries out of owning ... Read More »

The emergent property of life

Yesterday, I turned 17 and although 17 may not be perceived to be as exciting as 16 or as adventurous as 18, I quite like it. Seventeen seems like a pretty chill year. You don’t have the pressure of sweet sixteen hanging over you or the burden or being an adult at 18. It’s an in-between age which will hopefully ... Read More »

How the mother of this 12-year-old brain cancer patient fought for his life

ZIAD Soltani is 12 years old and crazy about footy. His favourite team is the Canterbury Bulldogs and he carries a football around with him at all times. “It’s become his security blanket,” Ziad’s mother Trudie Timmins told news.com.au. “All he wants to do is play footy.” But lately, that hasn’t been possible, because Ziad has brain cancer. Two weeks ... Read More »