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Cam Sims reveals the reason why his Christmas tree is still up, and it’s a very sweet reason

Cam Sims has been a standout on the field at Redskins OTAs so far this offseason, catching passes all over Washington’s secondary and showing Jay Gruden that he was worth keeping even after his early injury in 2018. Sims is also standout off the field and that’s because he. still. has. his. Christmas. tree. up. and. it’s. summer. Sims’ loyalty to his holiday ... Read More »

10 sweet dishes your Bengali friend lives for

1. Mouth-watering Bengali desserts Besides their extensive knowledge of literature and music, the one thing that Bengalis are proud of and unconditionally love is their food, especially the sweet-dishes. If you too have a Bengali friend, then we certainly understand the pain you suffer while waiting for your buddy to come back after the festive season. Well, waiting for the ... Read More »

15 Delicious Halwa Recipes To Treat Your Sweet Tooth!

Talk about Indian desserts, homemade halwa comes to mind! For many, it’s a quick-fix for satiating their sweet-tooth. I remember my mother making a quick sooji or atte ka halwa that we generally enjoyed after lunch. The piping hot sweet and satisfying halwamade our day and how! Halwa is a dense sweet confection that’s popular across the Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia and West Asia and has different ... Read More »

Roath Khabar: The Kashmiri Sweet Bread That Announces The Arrival Of The New Bride

Kashmiri cuisine much like the valley itself spells a mystic charm that commands an attentive eye to understand it’s true beauty. Much has been said about the meaty fair of Kashmiri cuisine, be it the robust roghan josh or kebabs, the soothing curries or the delicious sweetmeats; however, not many of us know much about the Kashmiri breads. Breads are ... Read More »

Spiced ratatouille with sweet potatoes

Nutrition: 170 calories 8g fat (1g saturates) 24g carbohydrates Total time:1:25 Prep:0:25 Cook:1:00 Level: Easy Serves: 1-2 people Ingredients Main ingredients 3 courgettes, cut into 1 cm cubes 1 medium aubergine, cut into 1 cm cubes 1 red onion, sliced 3 garlic cloves, sliced 1 red pepper, halved, deseeded and sliced 3 medium carrots – about 225 g – cut into 1 ... Read More »

Sweet Brown Chicken with Hot Garlic Noodles Recipe

TOTAL TIME 1h PREP TIME 30 m CALORIES 458 Sweet Brown Chicken with Hot Garlic Noodles is a delicious and easy-to-make main dish recipe. To prepare this Asian recipe, the flavoursome garlic noodles are tossed with juicy boneless chicken stripes and stir fried veggies, and is perfect for all the occasions. This one pot recipe is a must try for ... Read More »

Sweet Corn and Capsicum Gravy Recipe

TOTAL TIME 25m PREP TIME 10 m CALORIES 178 Sweet Corn and Capsicum Gravy is an easy-to-make main dish recipe. The dish is prepared by using sweet corns and chopped capsicums that are blended together with the mixture of yoghurt and soaked cashew, which gives it a smooth yet chewy texture. This sweet corn and capsicum gravy is a unique ... Read More »

Sweet Potato Health Benefits: Here’s Why Shakarkandi Is Great For Skin And Overall Health

Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of various minerals, vitamins and fibers that are quite beneficial for the overall health. This starchy yet sweet tasting root has a thick skin from outside with a coloured pulp inside. You can eat sweet potatoes either raw or cooked. One of its vital nutritional utility is that it is high in antioxidant also called as ... Read More »