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The Alcatel A3 XL is a new budget handset with a whopping 6-inch display

TCL seems to be keeping its efforts on the budget scene alive and well in 2017, now with the launch of a new “A” family of smartphones. The exact wording used to describe it is “a new premium range of affordable mobile devices” and while, we remain skeptical on the first point, competitive pricing seems almost guaranteed given Alcatel’s recent ... Read More »

UK’s ambassador to the EU Sir Ivan Rogers resigns

The UK’s ambassador to the EU, Sir Ivan Rogers, has resigned. Sir Ivan, appointed to the job by David Cameron in 2013, had been expected to play a key role in Brexit talks expected to start within months. The government said Sir Ivan had quit early so a successor could be in place before negotiations start. Last month the BBC ... Read More »

EaseUS – The Outstanding Data Recovery Software

The use of data recovery software is becoming very familiar among people. The reason is that, these days, people easily lose their data like music files, video files, documents and other crucial files. In such cases, they may need to have a recovery software to recover the lost files. Many recovery software are available on the market to choose from. ... Read More »

Google Pixel C + Keyboard discounted by $150/£150 in the US and the UK

Before they were phones, Pixel devices were tablets – one of the few remaining high-end Android tablets around. People in the US and the UK on the market for a 10” slab can score the Pixel C plus keyboard for a total of $150/£150 off. The Google Pixel C (64GB) drops to $380/£380 ($100/£100 off) and the Pixel C Keyboard ... Read More »

Our new desktop homepage brings you closer to the top stories of the day

Smartphones are a gateway to all sorts of portable electronics and all the associated software and services that come with them. As always, we aim to bring up to date information on this digital jungle and we think the latest facelift on our homepage will help you discover the most interesting developments without missing a thing. First off, meet our ... Read More »

How to be the party princess

Sequins have become a tad cliché and black is definitely boring and uninspiring for the party season. However, that doesn’t mean you have to ditch the metallics completely. Just the right hint of the jewel tones is enough to be the toast of the party circuit. We ask stylists and designers to suggest nifty looks for the festive month. Avoid ... Read More »

The best places to study for a degree in Europe

Studying abroad is a fun way to grow up. You travel. You meet new people. You get out of your comfort zone. It shows you’re willing to get out, leave your home town, and go see the world. As it stands, some European countries enable Brits to study without paying tuition fees or incurring anywhere near as much debt as ... Read More »

The emergent property of life

Yesterday, I turned 17 and although 17 may not be perceived to be as exciting as 16 or as adventurous as 18, I quite like it. Seventeen seems like a pretty chill year. You don’t have the pressure of sweet sixteen hanging over you or the burden or being an adult at 18. It’s an in-between age which will hopefully ... Read More »

The technical side of international ed: let’s talk about tax, baby

In the world of international education, whether you’re a small business owner or the finance officer at a large organisation, the subject is made even more irksome with the added burden of navigating international sales tax. But as tax policies constantly change and international study offices are increasingly being asked to act like multinational companies, it’s important to talk about ... Read More »

Sydney’s A-listers flock to Centennial Park for Polo in the City

AFTER what was a rain-drenched night before, Sydneysiders weathered the morning storm in their finest frocks and linen suits to attend Saturday’s exclusive Polo in the City event. Celebrating it’s 11th year in action, Sydney’s Centennial Park was awash with lace and pastels for the exclusive event — which turned out a star-studded line up. Calling for floaty dresses and ... Read More »