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Looking for hosting service that will serve your purpose for long and that too without much effort? VPS hosting is meant for you! It offers many advantages that you can’t overlook:


Here Are Some Key Benefits:

  • You are not scrambled for resources as in shared hosting, and it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket the way dedicated hosting does. There is no physical server to rent for.
  • Tailored to your needs. Yes, you pay for what you need the most, and you don’t have to for any unnecessary features. Thus it helps you save some serious bucks.
  • By going for best VPS hosting in India, you are making your business ready for future challenges. The level of scalability that you were always looking for is now with you by way of web-hosting. It allows you to start with bare minimum resources and the flexibility to increase them once you find increased traffic on your website. And you don’t have to pay for any extra resources that you haven’t used so far.
  • VPS hosting gives you the much-needed control of your hosting. You have root access, and you can also use your scripts which you can’t in case you go for shared hosting.
  • Round the clock technical support is what you wanted and you have it when you go for VPS hosting.

A Look into Working of VPS Hosting

In this hosting, every website is hosted on a virtual private server, and these virtual servers are hosted on powerful hardware. This machine is divided into numerous virtual parts. The server software is set-up on each of them which makes every unit independent. Undoubtedly there will be other sites on the same server, but every virtual server will host just one site. It simply means that other sites on the machine will not be affecting performance. You also get the complete root access to the server as if it were your dedicated server.

Few Instances Where Having VPS Helps

The moment you expect that your website is going to get more traffic, you should consider going for VPS hosting. So if you have a blog site that you want to run without the fear of being blocked, then switching to VPS may be the best idea.

You want to have an online store. If you have or you are planning to have an online store, you must go for VPS hosting. With VPS you have a secure and dedicated virtual server so that you pass the PCI compliance test rather easily. Furthermore, VPS is considered to be more secure than shared hosting, so it is far better than e-commerce websites.

Finally, Make the Right Choice!

So how do you choose the right plan? There is self-managed service, and then there is managed service. You may choose Linux or Windows hosting. The best VPS hosting in India you choose should have high uptime ratings. Round the clock technical support is must-have and you should check it with the provider.

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