If you’re a Star Wars fan and you still have appetite for more of The Force Awakens’ titbits before the movie rolls around, Google has you covered (again).

It’s called Lightsaber Escape, a browser-based game in a galaxy far, far away wherein you must fight off the evil First Order to make your escape. Google developed it by working in collaboration with Disney, Lucasfilm, and Industrial Light & Magic (ILM).

The browser-based game is a dual-screen experience. The browser on your desktop functions as your field of view while your phone acts as the lightsaber, helping you fend off any attacks. The game works across browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Edge), and you can head to the Lightsaber Escape webpage to experience it yourself.

You will be asked you to visit a specific link on your smartphone once the initial loading is done. Following that, you must calibrate your device to activate the lightsaber and begin your journey in a Star Destroyer against a bunch of First Order Stormtroopers gunning for your head.

A tip: be sure to increase the screen lock timeout on your phone so it doesn’t switch off, otherwise you will lose the calibration and will need to go through it again.

Lightsaber Escape is another in a line of things that Google itself has done over the last month to appeal to Star Wars fans, and possibly the last with the movie’s release this week around the world (next week for India, unfortunately).

First, you could give your Google apps and services a visual makeover by picking one side of the Force.

Then Disney in collaboration with Google produced episodic virtual reality content for Google Cardboard. That provided fans with a look at First Order Stormtroopers on the desert planet Jakku, the setting of the film’s opening scene.

And now, you can fight them without moving from your desk. This is the life you are looking for.


By Adam