TomTom wants to help you park you motor with its On-Street Parking service

Sick of driving home from work, only to find the parking space outside your house has been taken? Struggling to find a decent place for your motor while out on a road trip? Sounds like you might need TomTom’s new On-Street Parking service. According to the firm, the new service uses a huge source of constantly updated GPS signals to ... Read More »

Zenith’s new premium chronograph will put a Land Rover on your wrist

T3 Agenda brings you snippets of the latest tech news in an easily digestible format. Rather than doing oodles of separate stories on various announcements, we’ll gather them all together on this page, updating daily as new gear is announced. Enjoy! 30 September Zenith’s new premium chronograph will put a Land Rover on your wrist To celebrate over half a ... Read More »

Restauranteur hopes the Apple Watch will improve fine dining

Danny Meyer is considered to be quite the progressive restauranteur. His employees don’t rely on tips to make ends meet (the practice is outlawed at his establishments, in fact), and they get various benefits including a share of profits. Aside from running his hospitality empire in an unorthodox way, he’s also the mastermind behind Shake Shack. His next forward-thinking initiative ... Read More »

Apple Denies It Is Making a ‘Move to Android’ Migration App

Apple has refuted the report that claimed that the company was developing a tool that would make it easier for iPhone users to switch to Android. The company added that it is only focused on bringing users to its iPhone, not the other way around. A recent report on Telegraph claimed that Apple had agreed to develop a tool to ... Read More »

Jawbone Up3 gets free update, knows for whom your heart beats, knows when you’re asleep

Jawbone update … The Jawbone Up3 fitness tracker gets a free update today that delivers around-the-clock heart-rate measurements and automatic sleep-tracking. WHEN Jawbone launched its advanced fitness tracker earlier this year, international product head Jorgen Nordin was already promising to add more features to the device free of charge. Those new features arrive today when a software update delivers around-the-clock ... Read More »

Five wireless earbuds that will power you through your exercise routines

On the run … the Philips ActionFit Airborn earbuds, in orange, connect to smartphones to deliver music. When you’re hitting the gym or striding out on the road, a wire connecting your ears to your music just gets in the way. It could be time to cut the cord and power on. Here are five of the latest wireless earbuds. ... Read More »

Stir Kinetic: The world’s first ‘smart desk’

The touch screen control panel on the Stir Kinetic desk. Through the touch screen, you can connect the desk to Wi-Fi so it can download software updates. Yes, this desk needs software updates. YOU may want to sit down for this. Then get up. Then sit down again. That’s because there’s a desk out there that tells you to do ... Read More »

Microsoft HoloLens and Samsung Gear VR compete in the race for space on your face this year

Changing the way you look … augmented reality glasses. THE RACE for space on your face will get serious this year. Google has bailed out of the smartglasses battle for now, but a new fight is emerging between the likes of Microsoft and Samsung, as well as promising newcomers like Oculus and Epson. Consumers will not just be asked to ... Read More »

Pre-order Brikk’s diamond-studded Apple Watch worth $96,000

Maybe if I eat baked beans for the rest of my life, I can afford one. THOSE ballin’ on a budget will have to save a little harder if they want to pre-order a custom diamond-studded Apple Watch. While not expected to be released until April, luxury and couture product design company Brikk is offering 30 different models of the ... Read More »

More than 1 in 4 Australians plan to buy wearable technology this year, fuelled by Apple Watch

EXCLUSIVE More than one in four Australian adults will own a piece of wearable technology by the end of the year, and most will invest in the gadgets to improve their fitness, a new study revealed today. A Pureprofile survey of 1501 adults, released on the eve of Apple’s first smartwatchlaunch, found one in five Australians already owned wearable technology, ... Read More »