Google working with Levis on smart clothes

Levi jeans have come a long way since back in the day. GOOGLE says it’s working with iconic US jean maker Levi Strauss to make clothing from specially woven fabric with touch-screen control capabilities. The internet titan used its annual developers conference in San Francisco to reveal its so-called Project Jacquard and to spotlight Levi Strauss as its first partner. ... Read More »

Disney is launching a line of toys that combines high-tech wearable gadgets and role-playing

DISNEY is launching a line of toys that combines high-tech wearable gadgets and old-school superhero role-playing to keep kids moving while engrossing them in sub-plots from The Avengers, Star Wars and Frozen. It’s Disney’s most ambitious game concept meshing real objects and virtual worlds since August 2013, when the family entertainment giant released its Disney Infinity video game that featured ... Read More »

Japanese company has developed a pillow that you can hug while talking on your phone

JUNE 5, 20159:15PM A woman hugs a body pillow “Hugvie” in Kyoto, western Japan. DO YOU hate holding your mobile phone while talking to people? Have you ever just wanted a hug while you were speaking to someone on the phone? If you answered yes to either of these questions then your problems have been solved. A Japanese telecommunications company ... Read More »

The wearable gadgets Americans are preventing Aussies from having

Delayed … The overseas popularity of LG’s Watch Urbane smartwatch has delayed its Australian arrival. AMERICA’S insatiable appetite for smartwatches is preventing Australians from getting their hands on the technology, as LG revealed its latest wearable gadget would be delayed due to overseas demand. Australian delays for the all-metal LG Watch Urbane follow local sell-outs for its last smartwatch, the ... Read More »

Oculus show off Rift along with games promised to launched early next year

A happy customer tries out the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Picture: Jae C. Hong FACEBOOK-owned virtual reality firm Oculus has aimed squarely at video game lovers as it unveiled Rift headsets to go on sale early next year. Oculus has showed off Rift along with a dazzling array of games promised to be ready at launch, the exact date ... Read More »

Footage of ‘suicide by cops’ freely available online as police seek transparency

TWO videos. Two similar situations. Two very different outcomes. In the first video, a man runs at a rookie police officer, yelling at him to pull the trigger. He holds his nerve under unspeakable stress. In the second video, a man walks towards an officer with a knife. The officer pleads with the man to drop the weapon. He keeps ... Read More »

Panasonic’s new HX-A1 action camera to capture action in the dark

Night vision … The Panasonic HX-A1 action camera which, when paired with an infra-red torch, is able to capture video in total darkness. Picture: Supplied PEOPLE whose best action moments happen in the dark will now be able to capture it all on video with the first action cam to have a night vision mode. Panasonic today unveiled the HX-A1 ... Read More »

GoPro releases smaller, simpler action camera for those who want to shoot without fuss

GoPro Session / 4.5/5 / $579.95 / THE next big thing from GoPro is its smallest thing yet. The Hero Session is a cube-shaped camera about the size of a Hero 4’s lens. It is 40 per cent lighter and 50 per cent smaller than the rest of the Hero 4 range. With GoPro still leading the action camera ... Read More »

Internet of Things selfie drone could be the next big thing

You won’t have to take that selfie soon. There will probably be a drone to do it. Pic: AFP/Jure Makovec FORGET the selfie stick, those who love to take photos of themselves may soon be able to buy the selfie drone. A compact automated flying camera system is being developed by technology company Internet of Things (IoT), which plans to ... Read More »

Photographer Lisa Bettany compares every iPhone camera in ultimate test

Side by side … Photographer Lisa Bettany compares the camera in every iPhone ever made. THIS is the ultimate test of the iPhone camera. Photographer Lisa Bettany, who created the filters for the iPhone photographer appCamera+ which has long been a top-seller in the app store, put the 12 megapixel camera in the iPhone 6S to the test. In a ... Read More »