Filmmaker Sven Dreesbach shoots ocean-based music video just on the iPhone

Dark and moody … an image from the music video Dark Waves shot entirely on the iPhone. IF you were given the job of shooting a movie in the ocean, your first step would probably be to grab a waterproof camera. Los Angeles-based filmmaker Sven Dreesbach instead reached for his iPhone 6S. Dreesbach partnered with Robot Koch & Delhia de ... Read More »

Why this year will be a smartwatch Christmas: Samsung, Huawei, LG and Pebble launch wearable tech

Fashionable return … A model walks the runway wearing the new Samsung Gear S2 during Macy’s Presents Fashion’s Front Row at Madison Square Garden, New York Smartwatches are making a comeback just in time for Christmas. While the first half of the year was dominated by Apple’s Watch, its rivals will woo consumers in the sprint to the end of ... Read More »

Medicare data to be used in smartphone and smartwatch apps

APP developers and retailers will be able to access people’s Medicare and pharmaceutical information to create personalised health products under a revolution Health Minister Sussan Ley will announce today. The information release will enhance the power of smartphones, watches and wallets to become mobile health vehicles, she will tell the National Press Club today. It comes as the government has ... Read More »

TAG has announced its new smartwatch known as the TAG Heuer Connected

We’ve known about TAG Heuer’s plans to release a high-end Android Wear device for months now, and the luxury watchmaker has finally made it official. At its press event, TAG took the wraps off its new connected smartwatch, the TAG Heuer Connected. Inspired by the company’s Carrera watch, the Connected is made of grade 2 titanium and comes in a ... Read More »

Wearable technology moves from the wrist to smarter high fashion

Smart fashion … Billie Whitehouse (left), the smart-garment evangelist who runs the New York-based Wearable Experiments and SMG Technologies chief marketing office Vikki O’Shannessey WEARABLE technology is no longer just about devices you strap to your wrist. Increasingly, it’s about smart garments designed to analyse your health or help you navigate foreign cities or boost your personal relationships. Gartner predicts ... Read More »

Riding on a motorised skateboard had me making out with the floor

Not as easy as it may seem. BALANCE has never been my strong suit — I fall over standing still, let alone on a motorised skateboard, so when an Aussie company asked me to test out theZoomR, I said my farewells to my loved ones and said yes. Let me paint you a picture of my first time stepping on ... Read More »

A company is developing a temporary tattoo to mimic the functions of wearable tech

No need for a chunky wearable on your wrist when you can hide this under your shirt. FORGET buying a fitness tracker or smartwatch because those wearable devises are so passé. While most wearables on the market may be functional in helping assist with daily routines, they can sometimes be a bulky eyesore. This is where technology start-up Chaotic Moon ... Read More »

Draw blood without a needle: Google files patent for blood test invention

OK, it’s not actually to do with vampires, but its still creepy. FIRST your personal information, now your blood. Google has patented a “Needle-Free Blood Draw”, which holds appeal for diabetes patients who have to test their blood glucose levels on a regular basis, for example. The patent, which was published December 3, describes a device that uses “an abrupt ... Read More »

Apple is looking to get into augmented reality

Microsoft’s HoloLens is expected to be one of the next big things in technology. WHILE everyone has been focusing on their iPhones and Macs, Apple has been quietly getting ready to enter an untapped new market. Augmented reality. The world’s largest company recently acquired two start-ups, Metaio and Faceshift, with both of them working in the augmented reality and virtual ... Read More »

Samsung launches Gear VR virtual reality headset in Australia, promises 360-degree web browsing

Virtually real … Samsung’s third Gear VR headset will deliver virtual reality games and films using one of the company’s four latest phones. AUSTRALIAN phone users will be able to play virtual reality games, watch 360-degree films, and navigate the web using their eyes as Samsung launches its third virtual reality headset. The new Samsung Gear VR will be made ... Read More »