A company is developing a temporary tattoo to mimic the functions of wearable tech

No need for a chunky wearable on your wrist when you can hide this under your shirt. FORGET buying a fitness tracker or smartwatch because those wearable devises are so passé. While most wearables on the market may be functional in helping assist with daily routines, they can sometimes be a bulky eyesore. This is where technology start-up Chaotic Moon ... Read More »

Draw blood without a needle: Google files patent for blood test invention

OK, it’s not actually to do with vampires, but its still creepy. FIRST your personal information, now your blood. Google has patented a “Needle-Free Blood Draw”, which holds appeal for diabetes patients who have to test their blood glucose levels on a regular basis, for example. The patent, which was published December 3, describes a device that uses “an abrupt ... Read More »

Apple is looking to get into augmented reality

Microsoft’s HoloLens is expected to be one of the next big things in technology. WHILE everyone has been focusing on their iPhones and Macs, Apple has been quietly getting ready to enter an untapped new market. Augmented reality. The world’s largest company recently acquired two start-ups, Metaio and Faceshift, with both of them working in the augmented reality and virtual ... Read More »

Samsung launches Gear VR virtual reality headset in Australia, promises 360-degree web browsing

Virtually real … Samsung’s third Gear VR headset will deliver virtual reality games and films using one of the company’s four latest phones. AUSTRALIAN phone users will be able to play virtual reality games, watch 360-degree films, and navigate the web using their eyes as Samsung launches its third virtual reality headset. The new Samsung Gear VR will be made ... Read More »

The best summer survival smartphone apps

Summer tech-heads, we’ve got you covered. WE’VE put together some cool apps that will help you survive the holidays. 1. TO GET IN SHAPE HanxFit was created by Australian supermodel Hannah Saul in conjunction with Hannah’s personal trainer, Nick Tate. Workouts are broken up into body weight, gym, kettle bell and ABs categories so you can use the app no ... Read More »

Apple: iPhone 6S and 6S Plus unveiled alongside supersized iPad Pro

Apple has announced a range of new products, including a new larger iPad, two new smartphones and a long-awaited update to Apple TV. In a now traditional September event, this time held at San Francisco’s 7,000 seater Bill Graham civic auditorium, 2,000 engineers, advertisers, executives and journalists saw Apple’s marketing chief Phil Schiller reveal a new 12.9-inch screen iPad that ... Read More »

Apple faces damages bill after jury finds iPhone and iPad chip violates processor patent

Apple Inc could face up to $862m in damages after a US jury on Tuesday found the company used without permission technology owned by the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s licensing arm in chips found in devices including the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and several versions of the iPad. The jury in Madison, Wisconsin, also said the patent, which improves processor ... Read More »

Everyone is downloading iOS 9.1 for the middle finger emoji

The holy grail of emoji has arrived. After years of fudging angry faces, auberginesand fists together, now you can tell people how you really feel with just one character: a middle finger emoji. The disparaging digit comes in Apple’s latest update, iOS 9.1. Its biggest new feature for UK users is Apple News, which curates news from a range of ... Read More »

How Apple made itself crunch-proof

Apple lives on cream – the very top of the market. Researcher IDC says its larger-screened iPhone has pushed Samsung aside to hold a majority of the more expensive end of the market – devices costing more than $650. But it’s not just the phone cream that it has grabbed. After 30 years in the personal computer market, Apple has ... Read More »

How to feed and raise a Wikipedia robo-editor

Wikipedia is to put artificial intelligence to the enormous task of keeping the free, editable online encyclopedia up-to-date, spam-free and legal. The Objective Revision Evaluation Service uses text-processing AI algorithms to scan recent edits for signs that they may be spam, trolling, revert wars (where edits are made and reversed endlessly), or otherwise dubious. But humans are excellent at making ... Read More »