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Aethercast Developing Open Source Display Streaming for Ubuntu

Streaming video to monitors and TVs fromUbuntu mobile devices via Miracast is set to become one of the open source operating system’s new features, further blurring the lines between the GNU/Linux experience and proprietary operating systems. The support is being implemented through a project called Aethercast. Its developers describe it as a “display casting management service.” That means it will ... Read More »

Innovative Advice for Execs Looking to Change Their Industry

Nine years ago, Brother asked Dean F. Shulman to reinvent its sewing and embroidery business. To Shulman, sewing machines were an entirely different product line than he was used to marketing — which had been home office products, including the highly successful P-Touch handheld label maker. Shulman had spent almost 30 years at Brother as a guy who never wanted ... Read More »

Your Data at Risk: 2015 Was a Year Full of Memorable Hacks

The seemingly endless string of headline-grabbing cyberattacks this past year reinforced the notion that hacks have increasingly become a part of digital life — and no person or organization is immune. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, more than 750 breaches were reported in 2015 through late December, exposing nearly 178 million records. From government to tech, health care ... Read More »

CoreOS Plots a Course Forward for Containers

In the day two keynote of the Tectonic Summit, Brandon Philips, CTO of CoreOS, talked at length about the technical direction his company is taking. CoreOS includes multiple elements in its open-source portfolio. Among them is the CoreOS Linux operating system, flannel networking, rocket container runtime,as well as etcd and fleet for distributed high-availability. CoreOS is also a leading contributor ... Read More »

At what age should teenagers pass the ‘digital age of consent’? Four years in the making, the European Union’s new data protection rules have finally been agreed by the European Council and await the approval of the European Parliament. But a last-minute addition has sparked a debate about responsibility and consent, by proposing to raise to 16 the “age of consent” under which it is illegal for organisations to handle ... Read More »

Dell Brings Hyperscale Units Under Single Organization

Dell is creating an umbrella organization that will house the business units that build customized and optimized infrastructure offerings for hyperscale companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon and the myriad organizations just below them, ranging from oil-and-gas firms to telecommunications service providers. Dell’s new Extreme Scale Infrastructure (ESI) organization, which was announced Dec. 10, will encompass both the company’s 8-year-old ... Read More »

VMware Backs Out of Virtustream Joint Venture Deal With EMC

VMware is pulling out of a plan with parent company EMC to create a joint venture that was becoming one of a number of challenges in Dell’s $67 billion bid to buy the giant storage technology vendor. In a brief filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Dec. 14, VMware officials said they no longer will participate in the ... Read More »

YouTube ramps 360-degree video with ‘Spotlight Stories’

Dubbed “Spotlight Stories,” the new feature will be viewable on the YouTube app of an array of Android-powered smartphones YouTube on Tuesday added interactive, 360-degree animation video to its line-up, with help from the makers of “Wallace and Gromit.” Dubbed “Spotlight Stories,” the new feature will be viewable on the YouTube app of an array of Android-powered smartphones. Showcasing the ... Read More »

Google Tests Password-Free Logins Using Just Your Phone

Google is testing out a new way to log into its services that requires no password, just a couple taps on your phone. The new method could be handy when logging in from a new location like a friend’s computer, if your password is long or complicated, or you’ve just forgotten it. Instead, you just put in your email address ... Read More »

Online dating has become a hobby, one that is often not even that fun

Credit: karen roach/ The scene described in Nancy Jo Sales’s huge Tinder report published in Vanity Fair magazine featured groups of twenty-something friends and colleagues in a Manhattan bar relaxing after work. But rather than socialising with each other they were engrossed in the more private world of their mobile phones, seeking something completely personal: a sexual partner (albeit not ... Read More »