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Oracle Hardware Revenues Decline as Cloud Grows

There was a time when Oracle executives spent a lot of time on earnings calls talking about hardware. That wasn’t the case during Oracle’s second quarter fiscal 2016 financial call on December 16. For the second quarter of its fiscal 2016 year, Oracle reported total revenues of $9.0 billion, for a six percent year-over-year decline. Net income for the quarter ... Read More »

US regulators push for distinction between online ads, articles

Advertisements should make clear that they are sponsored marketing messages to provide perspective on how information should be weighed, according to the US Federal Trade Commission With marketers creating online ads that are meant to blend in as real news stories, US regulators are trying to make sure Internet users are able to differentiate the two. Freshly released Federal Trade ... Read More »

Red Hat Continues to Grow by Taking Share from Others

Red Hat reported its financial results for the third quarter of its fiscal 2016 year, once again showing continued revenue growth. For the quarter, revenue was reported at $524 million, a 15 percent year-over-year gain. Net income was reported at $47 million, a marginal decline from the $48 million reported in the third quarter of fiscal 2015. Looking forward, Red ... Read More »

SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP1 Advances Docker Container Support

Linux vendor SUSE is out today with the first service pack update for SUSE Linux Enterprise 12. The big new addition is full support for Docker container though a number of different technologies. Matthias Eckermann, director of product management for SUSE Linux Enterprise, told ServerWatchthat in the first SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 GA release, Docker was a TechPreview. This ... Read More »

China can’t handle the truth: Behind the Great Firewall of China

In China, even spreading rumours online about the government could give you a one-way ticket to prison. ON the night of June 3, 1989, the Chinese military opened fire on unarmed civilians protesting its government’s actions, with hundreds, maybe thousands killed in Tiananmen Square. This massacre is forbidden to be spoken about in China and any information online is strictly ... Read More »

Hong Kong protests: Instagram and other social media blocked in mainland China

Police officers stand guard during clashes with pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. IN WHAT appears to be a great example of hypocrisy and irony, Instagram has reportedly been blocked in China following pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. It’s not just Instagram that has been blocked in an attempt by Chinese officials to control news reports, but images posted anywhere online ... Read More »

The secret army of content moderators watching the web

There is a secret army of content moderators keeping graphic scenes out of your feed. Pictured, a young woman browses on a tablet in Bangalore. DESPITE ongoing problem of online harassment, most of us go online these days with the reasonable expectation that we can look at baby pictures on Facebook without being surprised by a gruesome photo of a ... Read More »

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram targeted in federal government’s cyberbullying laws

Online bullies targeting kids will be issued with formal notices to remove offensive material or risk being referred to police under a Federal Government crackdown on internet trolling. Parliamentary Secretary for Communications Paul Fletcher has revealed the government’s new cyberbullying laws, which will go to parliament before the end of the year, will put large social media giants like Facebook, ... Read More »

Proofpoint’s 2016 cybersecurity predictions warn of a broader scope for hackers

Hackers are expected to broaden their net in 2016. IF YOU thought cybercrime was at its proverbial summit, you are in for a shock in 2016. According to security services vendor Proofpoint, cybercriminals will banking on our willing curiosity to facilitate their intended chaos. “Next year we will see cybercriminals cast a wider net, move away from malicious document attachments ... Read More »

Police insider slams proposed metadata laws

THE government has been trying to push the ability to keep our metadata for two years, claiming it’s necessary for national security. Critics argue that this would be a massive privacy breach, but the government believes it is necessary to protect Australia. A recent Essential poll has shown that around 40 per cent of Australians support the introduction of the ... Read More »