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Two of the most enjoyable aspects of Christmas are gift giving and sharing.  Gifts don’t have to be expensive; just being thoughtful, and sharing as simple as a batch of holiday cookies can make holidays special. Christmas crafts are a wonderful way to start the holiday, and an inexpensive way to help budding crafts people add a few more tools to their trade.  

Festive Preparations

Cheap Christmas crafts begin on the outside, in the joyful preparations for the holiday event. Even the little kids will have fun with sticker embellishment packs that allow them to add extra sparkle to a card, gift or decoration. Other fun, family participation ideas include making tree ornaments, using ready-made kits that can decorate a tree, or be given as gifts to a beloved family member.  

For the budding artists, there is nothing like an origami kit that teaches the folding techniques for a variety of fanciful animals.  Not only will the festive touch be a topic of conversation, but also the young artist will have learned a delightful, entertaining skill.  Christmas crafts include a decoupage reindeer, a Christmas tissue collage, or a foam sleigh.  Bring out every artist in the family with Colour-in-Your-Own-Christmas bunting.  

The Craft that Keeps Giving

The wonderful thing about investing in crafts is that it’s a gift that keeps giving. Craft skills can include the art of candle making, making a wish catcher, art supplies, sketchbooks and modelling clay. Get the younger children started with colour starter sets, glue on shapes, or making their own jewellery.  

Those brightly coloured pens and intricate colour book designs aren’t just for kids. Even grandma will enjoy passing her time with an array of coloured pens or pencils and a colouring design to complete.  The primary artist would be delighted with a complete stationary set, or even more challenging, calligraphy set for those who want to take their workmanship into writing with flair.  A wonderful skill for making personalized cards – creating hand written documents or using text with design, art pens and calligraphy sets – may be just what the artist craves.  

A Unique Statement

There is something about crafts that pleases everybody.  These crafts are often the opening for the young and the imaginative to begin their own experiments in fashioning personalized gifts.  They are also an opportunity to handcraft a Christmas that shows personal holiday flair.  With just coloured foil, special paper, pens, stickers, and simple kits, one can make his/her own Christmas cards, add a decorative theme to the party, or add an extra dazzle to gift-wrapping.

Crafts skills will always be appreciated. Embroidery kits include beautiful designs that will personalize that set of pillowcases or new t-shirt one intends to give to a special friend.  Very few can resist a crocheted doily or a bright flower design to attach to a young girl’s wardrobe.  A handcrafted item will have meaning and add to the tenderness of holiday joy.  

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