Commuters in Wales staged an awesome Christmas party on a busy rush-hour train ride into work last week.

On Friday morning, the group of six travelers hung paper chains across the windows, laid cloths on the tables and tucked into smoked salmon and sausages.

The group, which boards the 8:08 a.m. from Abergavenny to Cardiff every week day, also pulled crackers and drank prosecco, the Standard reported.

“As we often spend 40 minutes a day traveling to work together, we thought ‘Why don’t we have a Christmas party?” Chris Lines, who works in public relations, told ITV News.

Multiple pictures of their lavish Christmas banquet were posted to Twitter.

According to Royal Society for the Protection of Birds staffer Jon Gruffydd, other commuters in the carriage also got into the holiday spirit.

“We also shared some of our goodies with the neighboring seats. It was generally appreciated and brightened up a dull early morning,” Gruffydd told the Telegraph.

Alas,¬†Lines, Gruffydd and their four commuter friends — Allan Wilson, Sian Grainger, Jeremy Powell and Cellan Michael — didn’t get to continue their party on the way back from work as they all catch different trains home, Wales Online reported.

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By Adam