Facing Issues While Preparing for NEET 2019? Here are 9 Simplest Ways to Crack the Exam

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The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test 2019 is the main entrance examination conducted by NTA. It is conducted for the students seeking admission in undergraduate courses of medicine and other medical branches. It is to be noted that from 2018 onwards, CBSE has mandated the admission to the medical, dental and AYUSH courses of the country on the basis of NEET only. So the number of students appearing for NEET 2019 is likely to be more than 13 lakhs who will compete for admission into top medical colleges of India.

NEET is a tough nut to crack and therefore students might face many issues while preparing for the exam. Therefore, this article will detail you about all those preparation tips and easy ways which will help you to ace the exam.

NEET 2019 Preparation Tips

Study NCERT thoroughly

NCERT books of every subject is the most reliable and trusted source of preparation for the examination. These books help in building basic concepts and to understand theories in simplest manner. Referring NCERT once while you are preparing for the exam reduces the chances of missing out any important topic. NCERT solved examples and back exercise questions are important in clearing the concepts. Some biology questions are framed directly from NCERT textbooks in NEET question papers due to which your chance of performing well increases. Taking NCERT lightly can cost you heavily and ‘negatively’ in NEET exam.

Measuring progress in terms of number of hours put in preparation

Do not count the number of hours, instead count the number of MCQ’s which you were able to attempt correctly at that time. Count the number of questions which initially made you feel clueless, but now you are confident enough to solve it. Eventually, it’s the number of correct answers that will count in NEET 2018 Result. Measure your progress in a given time, by the number of chapters you have managed to convert into your strengths over that time.

Clear your doubts

Neglecting any topic just because you find it hard is definitely not done if you are determined enough to clear NEET exam. In such situations, you need to sit down and give a special attention to these topics and clear doubt once and forever. Since no chapter in NEET is less important and paper is highly unpredictable therefore there is no chance of leaving any topic untouched.

Practice online mock tests

Since NEET 2019 is going to be held in an online mode, so it is very essential that students get themselves familiar with an online test based scenarios. While giving an online mock test student will get to know how they perform while giving an online test. With many educational websites offering online mock tests, student can select the best and crack the much-hyped NEET 2019. Apart from combine tests, aspirants can also select mock tests for each & every subject. The mock test is a very essential part of preparation while preparing for the exam as they help in polishing skills, knowledge and performance.

Solve Previous Years Question Papers

Students should also include previous year question papers and sample paper in their preparation routine as they help in getting familiar with the NEET exam pattern, types of questions and questions weightage.

Too many study resources

Too many books are waste of time and money. One reference book along with the chief and principal NCERT is just adequate for NEET 2018 preparation. Do not scatter your efforts and energy on many resources, instead, concentrate on quality content and be confident about it.

Don’t Give Up

When you prepare for time-consuming and energy draining examinations like NEET, after a constant time of hard work it is very common that you fell tired and wants some time for yourself. But, at this point giving up is surely a way to fail. Find out your inner motivation, preserve your energy and work harder till you succeed. At this point of time, you need to look at your long-term goal and dreams of life and bring back the enthusiasm. Remember, a dream doesn’t become reality through magic, it takes all your efforts, sweat, determination, and hard work.

Keep Balance

It is understandable that for the examination you are ready to neglect your basic needs like sleeping, eating and having some leisure time to freshen up yourself. For the serious aspirants, NEET is a dream and clearing it and getting into top college is a lifetime opportunity. But, it must be kept in mind that keeping a proper balance of body and mind will help you to achieve better while ignoring any one of them can have drastic consequences which can hinder in your preparation. So, it is also important to exercise daily, eat a balanced diet, and get a sleep of at least 7 hours daily meditating as these will keep your mind calm and more concentrated.

Be confident

Believe in yourself, your hard work and your guardian’s blessings. Do not underestimate your efforts or be under confident with your learning. Getting too much nervous before the exam is one mistake that directly affects the performance of the candidates in the exam. So be confident enough and face the exam gracefully.