Top and Latest Books to Prepare Physics for JEE Main 2019

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With the forthcoming examination period and the students preparing with great deal of effort day and night, they require proper supervision of JEE Main best books. At the same time as the aspirant dreams of passing the exam with flying colors, they need to possess a thorough understanding of the most excellent JEE books that can supply the fuel to his/her wings for the gateway to success. Amid loads of questions disturbing the minds of JEE Main applicants “where to study from” holds the top place. While writing down the training stratagem it is very significant to have the acquaintance of the finest books for JEE Main 2019.

Knowing the JEE Main Syllabus

The initial footstep in the preparation for a commendable JEE Main result would be taking the accumulation of the approved course outline. If you are on familiar terms with what subjects to learn, you can verify those in the books that you may be consulting. At the same time choose the finest books for JEE Main preparation, it is imperative to keep in mind this feature and make certain that the topics are covered to a large extent.

Preparation for Physics

Physics is by and large found to be complicated as students come across an amalgamation of hypothesis and applications. The unique thing about JEE Main Physics paper is that 80% of the subjects in Section A appear from the recommended speculative part whereas the residual 20% comes from the practical module known as investigational aptitude. Before buying the books for 2019 JEE Main Physics preparations, you need to get acquainted with the topic wise weightage of marks for JEE Main Physics

Topics Weightage
Oscillation and Waves Must Read Topics
Modern Physics
Electromagnetic Induction and AC Very Important Topics
Current Electricity
Physics and measurement
Dual nature of matter and radiation Important Topics
Communication system

Things to consider before buying books

It is very essential to know how you can opt for the best books for JEE Main 2019. Therefore, you must think about the points given below prior to buying any book for the exam:

  • You ought to purchase only those books which have the most up-to-date editions with reorganized test outline and exam developments for the reason that it has all the newest information.
  • Books that you are buying are supposed to cover the total JEE Main program of study.
  • You must go for those JEE Main Books which you are comfortable with and which are presented in an easy-to-understand layout.
  • You are not required to assemble too many books all at once since it will generate disorder and rupture your self-assurance level.
  • Some Books for JEE Main are extremely expensive and their study material is not of the first-rate. You must always stay away from these sorts of books.
  • You should make an effort to choose those books, which consist of explained problems and practice questions following each chapter which assists you for superior groundwork.
  • The Diagrams and Images demonstrated in JEE Mains Books can make you comprehend the subject matter in an improved manner.
  • Books forever provide excellent information but experts’ notes are preeminent for Mains Exam. Online education with recorded lectures and digital study material will help you in memorizing the subject for a long time as well.

Choosing the right book

Picking up the accurate book turns out to be significant as you cannot lose out on working well subsequent to learning the indispensable theories. The top Physics books for greatest JEE Main result are scheduled underneath in the chart. What is supposed to be understood is that the textbook is required to be utilized to shape the foundation and the books from the list below to sharpen up the knowledge in Physics to such an amount that there would be no other option than passing with flying colors in JEE Main results.

Books Author Details Price
Concepts of Physics H. C. Verma Set of 2 Volume, Paperback ₹ 728
Fundamentals of Physics Halliday, Resnick, and Walker Text and Practice book, Paperback ₹ 1,299
Problems in General Physics I. E. Irodov Paperback ₹130
University Physics Freedman and Young Paperback ₹899
Understanding JEE Physics Series DC Pandey Set of 5 Books, Paperback ₹1,343
Problem in Physics SS Krotov Paperback ₹ 90