The Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IIT-R), which was in the eye of a storm recently over the expulsion of 71 students from the institute for not scoring the minimum 5 CGPA, has now introduced two new grades in its Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) grading system. Although institute officials aren’t willing to disclose much about the reason for the new grading, sources say that this is essentially meant to provide some relief to students who come from “weaker academic backgrounds” as it would facilitate a broader evaluation process.

“There have been many cases of students not being able to qualify their exams in first attempt due to which they had to appear in supplementary exams. As per the previous CGPA grading, the minimum a student could get was the D grade which was equal to 4 points but under the new grading system, an additional D+ grade equivalent to 5 points, the minimum passing average, has been introduced. This would work in the favour of students who struggle to reach the minimum CGPA,” said a professor of the institute who did not wish to be named.

Meanwhile, officials at IIT-R chose to downplay the revised grading. Pramod Agarwal, dean (academics), told TOI, “We have brought about a few changes in the notations to our previous CGPA system but it is not something which is out of the ordinary.”

However, sources said that the institute had devised this grading system after studying similar evaluating mechanisms of other IITs.

Old CGPA grading system:

A+ equal to 10 points

A = 9 points

B+ = 8 points

B = 7 points

C+ = 6 points

C = 5 points

D = 4 points

New CGPA grading system:

O (outstanding) = 10 points

A = 10 points

B+ = 9 points

B = 8 points

C+ = 7 points

C = 6 points

D+ = 5 points

D = 4 points

*CGPA of 4 points is considered as disqualified


By Adam