Preparation Tips to Crack Amity JEE

Image result for Preparation Tips to Crack Amity JEEAmity JEE stands for Amity Joint Entrance Examination. This examination is conducted exclusively for availing admission to the Engineering courses offered by the Amity University. The Amity JEE examination is an online computer-based test conducted by Pearson VUE for Amity. The test is conducted across different cities of India as well as abroad for the candidates who wish to pursue B.Tech program in the college.

As it is the sole examination that deems the eligibility of a candidate for gaining admission in Amity and its participating institutes, it also becomes one of the most crucial examinations. With millions of students attempting for the test, putting one’s best foot forward is the crux to crack the exam with ease. Pertaining to the level of stress and tension hovering in minds of aspirants, learning few tips for preparation is beneficial. Presenting you few preparation tips that will make cracking Amity JEE a joyride.

Check your Syllabus

Knowing the syllabus is the foremost step in preparation. And in the case of Amity JEE, it is not a tough nut to crack. The syllabus is similar to class 11th and 12th CBSE. So, before commencing your preparation and getting to the next step of getting yourself abreast with the syllabus will aid in sailing through revision easily. The syllabus is similar to class NCERT books of PCB and General Knowledge.

Tip – If you have prepared well for your boards, then 80% of the syllabus is already covered. The rest 20 needs practice and a revision from general knowledge books.

Decide which books to consult

This is one of the most crucial aspects. Decide carefully, which author are you going to rely on? Revising through a lot of books with different authors will only leave you obscure of the actual data. As per experts and toppers of previous years, being well adept with the NCERT syllabus for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology is enough to crack the exam.

Tip – You can prepare for the Amity JEE exam using apps in your smartphone like Prep Guru, Unacademy and much more which can be downloaded for free from the App store and Android Play store.

Revise through previous year papers

Well, this can throw light on major doubts and solve the confusion of candidates. One can download the previous year question papers from the internet as well as solve question papers offered by the mobile apps. The previous year papers render aspirants an overall understanding of the questions asked, the type of questions asked and whether there are any repetitions from any particular chapters that are given more weightage.

Tip – Solving as many papers as possible will only strengthen the candidate’s hold on the subject, it will help them in working on their strengths and weakness wisely.

Create a timetable

Once you are well adept with the syllabus and patterns, get yourself a timetable stating how you are going to go about preparing for the exam. How much time you wish to allocate on subjects you are weak in and how much for the subjects and chapters you are well abreast with.

Ensure, enough break is given between each study session along with following the timetable religiously.

Solve Mock Tests

Technology has eased a lot of things. Take the Amity JEE mock tests which will make one get well acquainted with the examination. This will also help in managing time well, getting accustomed to the subject and knowing one’s strength and weakness well in respective chapters.

Take up Mock tests offered at Test centers, download the previous year test papers and practice.

Take good care of health

Heath is wealth. Without health, nothing can get inside the head no matter how much time you spend in studying. Thus, ensure you get good sleep, take proper rest. In addition, eating healthy food devoid of junk and more nuts, fruits and green vegetables will help to keep your mental and physical health fit.

Tip – Eating more of junk food leads to an increase in fats, and decrease the energy in your body, making you feel more tired and less healthy. So, indulge in some light exercises, yoga, meditation and eat fresh healthy food.

Thus, practice well, understanding the subject and taking enough rest along with eating healthy food is the ultimate magical wand for cracking the exam and gaining admission in B.Tech course of Amity with ease and making the entire preparation an easy cake walk.