Religious instruction should be banned in schools


Erodes secularity Against Constitution… 

India is a secular country in which Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jews and even animistic cultures thrive. Religious instruction in schools can erode the secular fabric of this ancient nation. Even if multi-religious instructions are taught, it would create hatred and blind obedience.

Sudipta Mandal,

Class IX, The Levelfield School, Suri, Birbhum

Religion is something which should be confined to a personal space. One cannot impose religious instructions on anyone. School is a place where children of all caste, creed and religion come together to learn ethics and gain knowledge. If religious instructions are given in school, it will ruin the feeling of secularism in the young minds, which our Constitution itself teaches us. It will create a religious barrier between people.

Aymen Parvez,

First year, University of


Some religious teachings can lead to irrational thinking and breed superstitious thoughts from an early stage in the mind of a child. This can turn into a hindrance in learning science and other progressive disciplines.

Angelina Banerjee,

Class X, Auxilium Convent School, Calcutta

Since India is a secular country, school authorities should treat every religion as equal and preach every religion equally and if they can’t do that then they should not preach any religious principles at all.

Kaushikee Bhattacharya,

Class XII, Adamas International School, Calcutta

India is a pluralistic country with many castes, creeds and religions. Students must be taught to revere all religions but there is no need to teach the attributes of any particular religion. Children should never be taught to hate followers of another religion.

Abira Das,

Class X, Garden High International School, Calcutta


Learn about beliefs

Educational institutions are the best forums where young minds can be endowed with proper guidance. A child must learn to understand the moral beliefs of different religions and learn to respect all religions too.

Sumit M.V.,

Fourth year, Techno India College Of Technology, Rajarhat, Calcutta

Religious instruction not only teaches us to be closer to God but also to realise our true potential. So, religious texts should be introduced in schools. Moreover, children should be made to read the biographies of icons like Swami Vivekananda so that they can learn to be better human beings.

Kinjal Dutta,

Class XII, Calcutta Boys’ School, Calcutta

Religious instruction will help students learn from heroes of the past just like Mahatma Gandhi used the teachings of non-violence from the life of Jesus.

Saptarshi Paul,

Third year, St Xavier’s College, Calcutta

Religious instruction should be imparted in schools provided they are not radical in nature because, in the right doses, it augurs well for a more tolerant society.

Rounak Barman,

Second year, The Bhawanipur Education Society College, Calcutta

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