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Most of us think we will exercise after a heavy meal. However, many of us are deskbound and as a result, hardly move around. This may lead to a lot of health issues, the most common one being obesity.

Luckily, now, we have technology by our side that helps us find ways to improving our health. These days, we have apps and gadgets can give us important statistics about our health. One can simply start by recording their food habits on their phone and can gradually escalate to downloading more focused apps or bringing home some gadgets for the help. Check out these top 5 gadgets to use to keep the health in check:


SCiO Molecular Sensor

This is a non-intrusive optical sensor where a user can scan ingredients and materials around them and get instant statistics sent directly to their smartphone. Users can see the nutritional values of dairy, meat, fruit and vegetables. Moreover, they can track their body fat percentage. They can know the amount of sugar added in the tea or find out cocoa concentration in chocolate. This molecular sensor analyses food, oil, medication, fuels, plastics and more without even touching them.

Prep Pad

The Prep Pad is a smart food scale that gives you a detailed look at your overall nutrition, which is helpful for dieters and health fanatics. A user can pair with the CounterTop app to see statistics and figures of protein, fat, carbs and more in their diet. It’s a device that helps you manage those carbs and cut those calories.


Consider FOODsniffer as an electronic “nose” for detecting if the food items are consumable or not. This device can tell you if food is fresh, injurious to your health or has even been out in the open for too long. The device connects to a user’s smartphone and the results are visible on the screen. By using sensors, the gadget can determine more than 100 volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as carboxylic acids or ammonia.

Egg Minder

Cool gizmos

The Egg Minder is a shiny-looking AA-battery-powered smart egg tray, letting you know how many eggs you have left in the refrigerator while one is out at the grocery store. Each egg slot has a sensor that keeps track of every egg’s individual shelf life based on when it was added to the carton, and LED lights indicate which of the remaining eggs are freshest.


Vessyl is an iPhone-connected cup that’s designed to track your daily liquid intake, making sure that the user is at their prime hydration level. Calories in beverages are some of the hardest to eliminate, thus Vessyl does the thinking for its users, with internal sensors that analyse the ingredients to determine what, how much and how often they’re drinking. It also tracks nutritional metrics like caffeine intake, calories consumed, and hydration.


By Loknath

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