Maybe if I eat baked beans for the rest of my life, I can afford one.

THOSE ballin’ on a budget will have to save a little harder if they want to pre-order a custom diamond-studded Apple Watch.

While not expected to be released until April, luxury and couture product design company Brikk is offering 30 different models of the Apple Watch ranging from $A9,600 to $A96,000.

The Lux Watch will be built in both 38mm and 42mm sizes and can be purchased in 24-carat yellow gold, 18-carat pink gold or 95% platinum.

All watches in the line will be available in three editions — all of which are prepared by disassembling Apple Watches and repurposing them to create unmatched luxury to an exclusive clientele worldwide.

The Standard edition features a leather strap and a single row of diamonds around the watch face.

For those a little more luxurious, the Deluxe edition features a leather strap with multiple rows of diamonds around the face, buttons and strap clasp.

Finally, the social elite can treat themselves with the Omni edition featuring a diamond-studded watch face and band with 11.3 to 12 carats embedded.

However, to secure the Omni Lux Watch, you will be required to part with an $A13,000 deposit.

The watches are expected to ship in the 4-6 weeks after the official Apple Watch launch in April.



By Adam