YouTube will now show more content in regional languages

YouTube has hundreds and thousands of videos on its platform, giving users the liberty to choose their favorite videos. Indian users will now get their viewing enhanced thanks to a new feature which will automatically recognize the language of your region and play videos accordingly. Of course, this is a choice and can be turned off from the Settings page, but it’s good to know that YouTube is offering something for the regional users.

Only a handful of languages are supported by this new algorithm right now including the likes of Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu. It’s not known as to whether YouTube intends to add more regional languages in due time.

If a language is wrongly selected by YouTube, users can either modify their search patterns for YouTube to automatically correct it in the future or simply head over to the Settings and make the changes manually. Not only will YouTube give video suggestions based on your location, but also by looking through your search history. The core language you use to browse the site will also have a bearing on these suggestions.

With this new feature, regional content will get more exposure among YouTubers and will also greatly benefit non-English speakers.



[Source:- Techrader]