North Korea appears to have hacked South Korea’s cyber command in what could be the latest cyber-attack against Seoul, the military here said on Tuesday.

“It seems the intranet server of the cyber command has been contaminated with malware. We found that some military documents, including confidential information, have been hacked,” an official at the Ministry of National Defence told Yonhap News Agency, adding that authorities suspect North Korea is behind the latest online infiltrations.

The cyber command said it isolated the affected server from the whole network to avoid the spread of viruses. But it has yet to fully determine what data were leaked.

It marked the first time that the data of South Korea’s cyber command has been compromised. South Korea set up the command in January 2010 as part of its efforts to counter external hacking attempts on the country’s military.

Earlier this year, South Korea accused North Korea of stealing information from about 10 South Korean officials by hacking into their smartphones.


[Source:- Techrader]


By Adam