Vests are sleeveless apparels that are worn either over the clothing or inside the clothing. Now a day’s there are different types of vests available in the market, but today’s trend of wearing the vest has been more interested in printed vest for men. These vests are very comfortable and also one can choose the perfect one from the huge variety that it offers. Even in some cases vests plays a vital role in setting a style statement in the surroundings. The vest is a valuable part for a man’s wardrobe collection for different occasions, may that be an office gathering, official meets or a part or event it serves for all equally. So let first take a look at how to wear a vest before seeing its categories.

Wearing a Formal and Casual vest:

Formal Vest- A formal vest is one which completes your suit for any occasion. The vest for these instants should be long enough to hide your waist properly so that there is no sign of your shirt peeping out under the vest or over the belt. The vest should always be body fitted and perfectly taken care of. Always you need to keep in mind that your shirt should be nicely, perfectly and cleanly be inside your pants so that it doesn’t falls out of the belt to make a bad impression. Keeping all these things in mind will maintain your dress up and also your vest will look perfect with your formal getup.

Casual Vest –A casual vest is one that can be worn in the way in which one is comfortable. These vests are made for all to experience a very comfortable feel. It can be worn on every casual event, party, adventures, sports, expeditions, the most important for everyday use.

Types of Vest:

  1. Activities Vest

These activities vest are basically the outdoor vests which are made to serve for the specific activity or adventure. These are also known as outdoor vests. It includes multiple pockets to make the vests more functional and convenient while use. For example: For winters or for snowy area the vest are made from high quality of synthetic fiber to keep the body warm during the cold winters. For fishing or outdoor activities the vest are made water proof and with an expandable material which is light weight, so that it can sustain the environment. For Physical activities he weighted vests are the best as it increases the work capability of one and lets him to work with the same energy even if the vest is removed, mainly it is used by the sports men, fire fighters, police men’s and many more.

  1. Casual vests

Basically the casual vests are the one which is most commonly used by a majority of us. Or in other words this printed vest for menis the most common part of his wardrobe. These can be worn on a number of events. May it be summer, spring, autumn, winters the casual fits for every season. More over the printed and the designer series vest work great for outdoor travels.

  1. Formal vests

These formal vests are the important part for men’s suit. It goes matching with the pattern of the shirt and pant of the suit. The formal vests generally offers silk or blend silk patterns, in some cases it offers different materials in designer series formal vests. It includes a long V-neck cut in front and may have 3 – 9 buttons in front depending upon your selection. This part of suiting gives a professional, classic and royal look to once personality.

  1. Other vests

There are a number of vests available in the market toady such as vests for bikers, expeditors, adventurers, sports men, cow boys, fashion etc… this list is never ending. These vests always serve the purpose for which they are made for. Also these are very comfortable to wear for the event they are made for.

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