I just don’t want Rick James to be stolen.

IF you have attended a concert in recent times, there is good chance you would have noticed the sheer amount of attendees filming the performance with their phones.

Most of the footage obtained then finds its way onto social media, which isn’t the worst thing for emerging artists looking to build their fan base.

However, this is not the case for stand-up comedians.

As the very nature of the industry revolves around the comedians ability to make the crowd laugh, once their well-honed material is uploaded to social media it loses its impact at future shows.

Fed up with having to constantly rework material to battle the internet-age, world-class funnyman Dave Chappelle has developed a solution.

Ahead of his 13 sold-out Thalia Hall performances in Chicago, the comedian has teamed up with a San Francisco-based company Yondr to prevent the growing problem

This product is so simple, yet so effective.

This product is so simple, yet so effective.

The solution comes in the form of smartphone-locking pouches, which are available in three sizes.

As people enter the venue they will be asked to place their phones in a Yondr case, which will lock shut once they enter the “phone-free zone”.

If for whatever reason patrons need to use their phone, all they have to do is leave the safe zone and the pouch will unlock.

Yondr founder Graham Dugoni said Chappelle showed no hesitations in enlisting the help of the technology.

“It’s a huge thing for Chappelle, like all comedians: how to make the show phone-free,” he told the Hollywood Reporter.

“The deal came together pretty quickly.”

Mr Dugoni said the technology was far more efficient than trying to get attendees to handover their phone completely before entering a venue.

“People just don’t want to give up possession of their phone,” he said.

“It’s like an extra arm.”

[Source:- news.com]

By Adam