Get ready for PUBG Mobile’s zombie mode; here’re the details

Get ready for PUBG Mobile's zombie mode; here're the details

The PUBG Mobile is all set to bring the new update 0.11.0 for the lovers of the multiplayer battle royale game. The update will bring together PUBG Mobile and Resident Evil 2 and let the gamers fight against the zombies. The beta update is already out and brings several new improvements including weapons, skins and vehicles. The new weapons include a Minigun, a six barrel machine gun and the new flame thrower.

Meanwhile, the stable version of PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 isn’t out yet and will only be available by the end of February. However, the beta version can be downloaded from the PUBG forums on the interweb. The new update is reportedly scary with fog making it difficult to spot the zombies. Also, there are different kinds of zombies. The usual ones just walk slowly towards you but there are also zombies that can run. There are acid spitting zombies, and the monster zombies who can be killed only by firing around 50 bullets towards them.

Earlier, there were reports that PUBG Mobile would introduce the stable version of 0.11.0 by 10 February. The update is now expected by the end of the month. PUBG mobile has now shared a new teaser of the zombie mode. The PUBG beta update 0.11.0 still has bugs and the gamers must wait for the final stable version for the smooth gaming experience. The last stable update which PUBG Mobile got was the 0.10.5 update. The update had brought several new additions like the Mutant AR rifle, laser sight attachment, and other changes.

Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile has introduced new items in red, pink and white colour schemes to compliment the Valentine’s Day. The items include the Killer Angel Set which is red leather outfit with a white top and wings, the Smiley Heart Suit and the Deadly Sweetheart Headband with heart shaped antennas. There are also two new pink-coloured gun skins called the Frilly SKS and Deadly Sweetheart QBU. PUBG Mobile had made the announcement regarding the Valentine’s Day items on its Twitter account.