Razer is a huge name in gaming, and today the company is taking a step to cement its place in mobile gaming. The company announced today that it would be partnering with Tencent for assorted mobile gaming projects.

As TechCrunch reports this morning, the partnership between Razer and Tencent will cover everything from hardware to software and services. Apparently, this includes optimizing Tencent’s mobile games, such as PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, for Razer’s two Android smartphones and its Android controllers too.

Apparently, Razer and Tencent will also be looking into “additional monetization opportunities” such as integrating Tencent into Razer’s services including a royalty program or a rewards program. Unfortunately, the announcement itself is light on details.

This all comes alongside reports that the Razer Phone 3 might not actually be dead. A report from DigiTimes which should probably be taken with a grain of salt says that the Razer Phone 3 might not have been canceled after previous reports claimed the project had been canceled amid layoffs.

Razer declined to comment on rumors of the Razer Phone 3 sticking around.


By Loknath

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