Comfort And Protection With A Lab Coat

Whether you work in a lab or in a medical facility, wearing a lab coat sets you apart from most of the other workers as well as the patients and people who are visiting the facility. A lab coat will protect your clothing and your skin as well depending on the kind of coat that you purchase. There are a few tips that you can follow when you’re selecting Meta lab coats or other types so that you wear something that is comfortable, protective and stylish at the same time.

A lab coat for working in a chemistry lab should protect your clothing and skin from any spills that might occur. The best option would be a white cotton coat. The material is comfortable and is breathable, and it’s easy to clean. You should also look at materials that are flame-resistant in the event that there is an emergency. Nomex is an example of this kind of material and works well for those who work in chemistry labs. The material protects the skin and clothing from a variety of acids and bases that you’ll be working with in the lab.

Working in a medical office or a hospital means that you’ll see patients of all ages and in all situations. A lab coat offers a professional appearance. However, you want to get a coat that is comfortable to wear and that allows you to move around easily, especially if you’ll be dealing with moving patients around throughout the day. Most lab coats are now made of Teflon, a material that aids in preventing stains from forming on the coat. Try to find a coat that has reinforced seams so that there is added protection and durability while you’re bending over and working with patients. The lab coat that you choose should fit comfortably on the body. You want to look for a coat that has pockets for all of the supplies that you’ll need to carry with you during the day. Most companies offer coats made for various frames as well as coats specifically made for each gender or profession.