Leading Edge Equipment for Your Interpretation Needs

If you are planning a large event, and many of the attendees will not speak English as their first language, you will have a better chance at success by using the services of a simultaneous interpretation company. You may also consider special equipment to bring the interpretation of speeches and lectures directly to the listener. The following is a quick overview of what services and equipment are available for your large gathering.

An FM transmitter
This type of technology can be used with a small or large gathering of people. In fact, you can use a transmitter for immense crowds that fill up stadiums. The translation is done live and broadcast through a transmitter that can then be listened to on any device that can pick up the FM frequency. Listeners can use their own ear buds or headphones to hear the translation. The greatest advantage to using this type of system is the ease of installation.

Using infrared signals for transmission
Although more difficult to install, this technology solves some of the issues associated with using FM signals. At the top of the list is interference. There are several sources inside a large auditorium or that can make a signal weak or block the signal for the listener. Often a person will have to find a spot where the signal is clear. With infrared, there is no interference like that associated with a radio signal. The listener can get up and walk around while still hearing the translation. Infrared signals are of a much higher frequency than radio signals. This means that they cannot move through ceilings and walls. This creates more privacy for the speakers at a conference.

Using interpreter booths
There are businesses that offer the services of interpretation of various languages, but whether you need an interpreter for a single language or several languages, you need to use an interpreter booth. These booths shut out much of the noise found at a conference, thus allowing the interpreter to concentrate on his or her task. They also allow separation between the interpreter and the listener, so there is no feedback or echo issues. You can rent one booth for each language required, and each interpreter will be isolated from the other, so they are not interfering with each other.

New York City is one of the most diverse places in the world, so if you are holding a large conference here, you should know that simultaneous interpretation new york city services are available. Exactly what you will need will be dependent on the number of attendees, the number of languages spoken and your budget.