In an audio statement released on Tuesday, Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa has finally spoken out on the tragedy which has hit the state in the past month.

Addressing the people of the state in an emotional audio message running to about 2 minutes and 15 seconds, the CM assured that the government is with the people and soon they will be on the path to happiness and growth.

Here are the main pointers from Jayalalithaa’s first address to the people of Tamil Nadu since the devastating floods.

I am saddened by the suffering of the people due to the floods, something which has never been seen before in the past 100 years.

Don’t worry, this is your government.  You have given me the strength to withstand anything. I am with you, for you, forever. I will get you past your present woes towards growth and happiness, and that is certain.

Rescue and relief teams are working in full swing. Ministers, bureaucrats, police officials, fire and rescue services, state and central disaster relief agencies and other volunteers have worked hard with you.

I share your grief. I don’t have a personal life. I don’t have a family or relatives. I have no selfishness.  You are everything for me. Tamizhagam is by heart and soul. To the extent that I could forget the name Jayalalithaa which my parents kept for me, you have called me as “Amma”, and I have dedicated my entire life to you to work for you.

I will prove again that my government is one which will overcome natural calamities. Have the faith in me.


By Adam