If you love the Christmas markets, here are the top 10 to visit abroad

Christmas Markets in Old Town Square, Prague If you love Christmas markets, take a look at our pick of the 10 best in Europe. These Christmas markets are perfect for those who love getting into the Christmas spirit but want to enjoy a short trip away during the winter months. 1. Strasbourg Strasbourg Christmas market is the largest and one ... Read More »

Dazzling Christmas displays turn Manchester’s shops and streets into a festive wonderland

The Midland Hotel Dazzling Christmas displays have transformed Manchester’s shopping streets into a winter wonderland. By night the city boasts a glorious array of lights and decorations, headed by the huge Father Christmas in Albert Square and the giant advent calender in the Northern Quarter. And now the festive cheer is spreading throughout the day as extra lights and adornments ... Read More »

How many days to Christmas Day 2015?

Manchester German Christmas Markets on Albert Square in front of the landmark Town Hall Christmas might feel as though it comes earlier every year but it never hurts to be prepared. In the hope of keeping you ahead of the game, and avoiding all the stress of Christmas shopping, turkey defrosting and present wrapping we have created this countdown so ... Read More »

Pucker up and head down to the Kissing Quarter in the Corn Exchange

Pucker up Manchester, for the Kissing Quarter has landed. A sprig of mistletoe is clearly not enough to get those Christmas hearts a-fluttering as the Corn Exchange has introduced a pop-up area in the newly-refurbished atrium designed to bring out the romance in all of us. It features comfy benches, festive trees and plenty of that famous green plant that ... Read More »

How do I defrost my turkey safely and how long will it take to thaw?

The traditional roast turkey with all the trimmings Many of us will buy a frozen turkey this Christmas for our big family dinner, and like all frozen meat and poultry the turkey must be completely thawed before going in the oven. A turkey that isn’t properly defrosted before cooking may still be partially frozen where the meat is thickest, and ... Read More »

What time do the shops in Manchester close on Christmas Eve?

We all know what Christmas shopping is like: you think you’ve cracked it, you sit down to wrap everything up and – OH NO! – reality dawns. You’ve forgotten a present, you’ve not bought enough wrapping paper, the dog has buried the sticky tape in the back garden, everyone thought someone else was buying the sprouts…! Something always happens to ... Read More »

Christmas gifts for men 2015: Including personalised pints to Xbox One bundles

We’ve found beers for every name, budget and taste bud this Christmas Whether it’s for your boyfriend or dad, it’s no secret that men are almost impossible to shop for – there are only so many tools a man can have after all. If you are after a gift for the man in your life, and have overdone it with ... Read More »

10 Christmas gift cards worth buying now if you’ve got know idea what to get your loved ones

Give a gift they’re guaranteed to love this Christmas The saving grace of Christmas shopping has to be the faithful gift card. A happy medium between just dolling out cash and giving a thoughtful gift – they are both practical and painless. Even better is that you can get them delivered straight to your loved ones if you order online ... Read More »

History of Christmas

Christmas began to be celebrated in the 4th century, when Christianity became the official religion of Rome. However, ancient revelers when celebrating Christmas were quite rowdy. In early America due to the rowdy celebrations in 1659 the Puritans and other pious settlers banned the celebration of Christmas. By the mid-17th century the settlers began adopting European customs in their Christmas ... Read More »

Warning: Christmas colored chips, cookies and treats may be poisoning your children

Those Christmas-colored snack chips and store-bought cookies may look festive, but watch out: Eating them may cause side effects such as hyperactivity, especially in children. That’s because nearly all Christmas-colored foods achieve their colors through the use of artificial coloring chemicals, including Red #40. These artificial coloring chemicals are derived from coal tars. They’re synthesized in chemical reactions in laboratories, ... Read More »