Is Europe really going to ban teenagers from Facebook and the internet?

New European data protection rules would see companies require parental consent to handle data of those under 16, effectively blocking them from social media Teenagers in Europe could be blocked from using Facebook, Whatsapp and other internet services and social media should European data protection laws that increase the age of consent to 16 be pushed through. The European Parliament ... Read More »

Twitter to tap people without Twitter accounts for money

Twitter will start showing ads to its people who visit Twitter every month but who don’t have active user accounts, the company has announced. The number of such “logged out” users is somewhere around 500 million. The change means that if you click on a tweet that appears in a Google search, for instance, you may see ads on that ... Read More »

Apple Music wins exclusive video deal with Taylor Swift

Apple Inc won a deal with pop star Taylor Swift to exclusively release a concert video of her recent world tour through its music streaming service, Apple Music, the company and singer said on Sunday. Swift, who celebrated her 26th birthday on Sunday, tweeted a trailer for the “1989 World Tour Live” concert video and said: “Thank you so much ... Read More »

Three International Space Station Crewmen Land Back on Earth

Three astronauts from the United States, Russia and Japan on Friday successfully completed a rare nighttime landing on Earth in the wintry Kazakh steppe after returning from the International Space Station. “They have landed safely and the recovery team have found them. Everything is according to plan,” a spokesman for Russian space agency Roscosmos told AFP. Nasa’s Kjell Lindgren, Japanese ... Read More »

Have journalists found the inventor of Bitcoin or simply been duped?

Two US technology sites have claimed that the creator of the digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin is an Australian businessman called Dr Craig S Wright. Both Wired and Gizmodo have based their conclusions on documents and emails “leaked” to them by an unnamed hacker who claimed to have worked for Wright. The anonymous source had allegedly first shopped this evidence to a ... Read More »

How to feed and raise a Wikipedia robo-editor

Wikipedia is to put artificial intelligence to the enormous task of keeping the free, editable online encyclopedia up-to-date, spam-free and legal. The Objective Revision Evaluation Service uses text-processing AI algorithms to scan recent edits for signs that they may be spam, trolling, revert wars (where edits are made and reversed endlessly), or otherwise dubious. But humans are excellent at making ... Read More »

Game Companies Speed Up Development with Intel® Sample Code

All game developers from indie to lifetime professional will, at some point, benefit from code that someone else wrote. Whether it is to understand a new feature, fix a previously unsolvable problem, or saving time rather than writing it from the ground up, permissively licensed sample code is an invaluable tool. Intel provides a wealth of game sample code at ... Read More »