Star Wars for Christmas Number 1 interview: "The Force is strong..."

Could the Star Wars’ theme – composed by John Williams – swipe this year’s Christmas Number 1 crown? The film of the year finally hit cinemas this week, so with galactic fever at an all-time high and the campaign currently boasting nearly half a million Facebook likes, there’s the chance they might just pull it off…”If you love Star Wars, then simply download the track,” urges campaign organiser TK-421. We traveled to a galaxy far far away to talk to him about all things Christmas Number 1…


What’s so good about the Star Wars theme then?

It is the most iconic film theme in the history of movies, in my opinion. And one man is responsible for that theme. The amazing John Williams.  If he composed his music 200 years ago, he would be considered up there with Beethoven and Mozart. And I bet that more people would be able to recognise the theme to Star Wars than Beethoven’s 5th, not to impune Beethoven’s composition skills, of course.

Have you checked out the other contenders?

These are not the Droids we are looking for.

Why should the Star Wars theme win Christmas Number 1?

Because John Williams deserves it for being the greatest composer of our time.

What would it mean for you to win?

Almost as much as finding out that I could perform a Jedi Mind Trick on Simon Cowell.

How do you actually rate your chances of winning?

The Force is Strong with this one.

Why are you so excited for the new Star Wars film?

I remember being taken to see the original Star Wars (before it was Episode 4) and it changing my life. I also remember wanting to be Luke Skywalker. I remember being scared of Vader, and wanting my very own R2D2.  I am so excited to see what happened after The Battle of Endor. I’m excited to see Han, Chewie and the Millenium Falcon. I’m also excited to take my young son to see a Star Wars film as it’s meant to be seen…. on the big screen.

What are you most looking forward to about the festive period?

Seeing my kids’ faces when they see that Father Christmas has been. And I dread my son deciding he doesn’t like Star Wars, because that’s a lot of presents that Santa will need to have kept the receipt for.

Sales and streams of songs between 00.01am on Friday, December 18 and midnight on Thursday, December 24 will count towards the 2015 Official Christmas Singles Chart. The Official Christmas Singles Chart Top 40 will be counted down on BBC Radio 1’s Official Chart Show with Greg James between 10am – 1pm on Friday, December 25, and also revealed on BBC One’s Top of the Pops.

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By Adam