Cengage to upskill 1,000 teachers in Saudi Arabia


The partnership provides teachers in the public education system with online access to Cengage’s National Geographic Learning ELTeach programme and aims to boost the standard of language training across the country.

“Saudi Arabia continues to show its commitment to education”

The programme focuses on classroom methodology and is designed to help teachers with lesson planning and preparation, focusing on speaking and listening skills in the classroom.

Upon completion of the course, teachers will have the option of sitting one of two ETS exams: the Test of English-for-Teaching or the Test of Professional Knowledge.

“Teachers participating in this program will significantly improve their teaching skills, contributing to the continued improvement and development of the teaching and learning of English for the benefit of students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” commented T4edu’s chief officer, content and technology solutions, Nasser Al-Uwaishiq.

The training will enable teachers to introduce English language learning to students earlier in their studies, according to Alexander Broich, executive vice president at Cengage International.

“Saudi Arabia continues to show its commitment to education, as evidenced by the country’s significant investments in quality learning materials,” he added.

Cengage provides online training to students, educators and librarians across the higher education and K-12 sectors, as well as broader workforce development, in 125 countries.



[Source:- Pienews]