The premier technical institution National Institute of Technology-Surathkal (NIT-K) has seen a sudden rise in girl opting for NIT from past three year, so much so that institution is finding difficult to accommodate them.

Numbers are seen rise in graduation, masters and even doctoral studies in engineering streams. The more demanded subjects among girl students’ are civil, chemical, computer and Information Technology Engineering.

In the year academic year 2014-2015, 198 girl students have enrolled, while it was 153 students enrolled in the academic year 2013-2014 in all the B Tech Engineering courses. While it is same trend in M Tech in Engineering courses too, in the academic year 2013-2014, 123 female candidates applied while in the academic year 2014-15 seen good rise and numbers have gone up to 159.

“The recent trend where more and more young women coming to NIT-K has multiple reasons and institution ranking is the main attraction that pulls students to the campus,” according to Katta Venkataraman, Dean Academic, NIT-K speaking to TOI.

He also added that of late, more and more parents too allowing their daughters pursue higher education in NIT’s. “We have huge crowd of ladies applying for master degrees and interestingly this year convocation half of the gold medals were awarded to them,” he stated.

The campus has girl students’ coming from across India and some foreign candidates from Sri Lanka, Nepal, African continent and Yemen. “Apart from doing well in studies and opting for higher studies, they (girl) also able to get jobs easily,” Venkatramana pointed out.

With increase of number of girl student it is also finding difficult to accommodate them in hostel. Venkatramana added that building of 250 single occupancy hostel facility is under construction.

In 2015-15, 85 girls have enrolled for Ph.d while it was 79 in 2013-14. The more demanded subjects among girlstudents’ are civil, chemical, computer and Information Technology Engineering.
Students feel that rise of number due to relaxation and changes in competitive exam patterns. Laxmi Prasad, Harshita Naik and Shreya Shetty, students of Information Technology and Chemical Engineering said that there been some changes in JEE Main Exams, must exam to enter NITs and usually girl do well in these exams. “We are also now aware that NIT-K Surathkal is one of the best institutions in India according to surveys and it is a pride to study and pursue our career,” they added.



By Adam