5 lifestyle tips for men: From formal moccasins to informal loafers, here’s your pick

Loafers which are also known as open shoes have become increasingly popular in today’s times. Different colours in loafer are high trend these days and can add more stylish essence.

While loafers have been identified as the most convenient style of shoes, so is moccasins.

So, here are five fashion tips for men on how to wear trending shoes on travel, in a meeting, or at the bar!


Brogue loafer with medallion

One of the most promising trends in loafers, these styles create a distinctive look with a decorative medallion on the toe and come with a vintage finish. A must-have shoe style for fashion connoisseurs, these shoes offers a contemporary and sharp touch when teamed with a crisp shirt and chinos.

Penny loafer with cord stitch

Considered as one of the trendiest styles in semi-casual shoe range, penny loafers add perfect aesthetics to a man’s wardrobe and bring in a touch of much needed versatility. Penny loafers embody refined sophistication and are an ideal companion for sharp dressing office goers and trendy millennials.

Brogue wingtip Kelty moccasins

Designed with W shaped patch on the toe with broguing throughout, these styles give a brilliant and suave touch when crafted in patent leather. An ideal option for those heading for a party or a cocktail night, this style renders a dynamic styling essence when teamed with dress shirts or blazers.

Tassel loafer

Amazingly stylish, tassel design loafers are one of the most wanted styles by men. With the increasing popularity, loafers have become more experimental with designs – one, two tassels and fringes. Also, loafers in special shades (wine, carnet, maroon, blue) can make you stand out from the crowd. Tassel loafers are uniquely versatile to pair for any event like party, work meeting or for wedding. Dark wine tassel loafer can play well with three piece black suit for event or wedding whereas tan loafers can go with well with party look (black jeans with white shirt).

Penny loafer

The penny loafers are minimal stylish shoes in the most traditional styles. It is also versatile to wear with any outfit. The shoe emerged as a classic American staple, featuring predominantly in collegiate outfits across the country. It is a preferred shoe option due to its simplistic style and easy adaptability. Today, the penny loafer is a nod to the past but available in a range of different materials suiting every gentleman’s taste. Penny loafers are highly available in three shades – black, brown, and wine for formal look.


By Loknath

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