IF you happened to drop a lazy $24,000 on an Apple Watch, you might want to stop reading. The eight-month old Apple Watch seems to be just a few months away from being outdated.

Mark Gurman, of 9To5Mac, has reported Apple is planning a March event to launch two new Apple products: a second-generation Apple Watch 2 and a smaller iPhone 6C which will go back to the 4-inch (10cm) display.

Gurman is considered the most reliable reporter of Apple leaks, which means this is not just another one of those daily Apple rumours.

The second generation Apple Watch is likely to have some key features many were expecting to see in the first edition, including extra health sensors which will probably work through a smart band.

Other features could include a camera for video calls, sleep tracking and more features for using the Apple Watch when not paired to an iPhone.

While an annual life cycle for an Apple product would not be surprising, it’s perhaps not the news people want to hear if they’re planning to buy an Apple Watch as a gift for Christmas.

The March event seems to be the most likely date for the release of a smaller, cheaper iPhone 6C — a phone targeted at those who don’t like the extra size of the iPhone 6/6S or even bigger iPhone 6/6S Plus.

When it released the iPhone 5C, Apple proved it would not make a cheap iPhone — just a slightly cheaper one.

Again, if an iPhone 6C becomes a reality, it will come with a lower price tag than the bigger iPhones and a few lesser specs, including most likely a 8-megapixel camera.

[Source:- news.com]

By Adam