Our new desktop homepage brings you closer to the top stories of the day

Meet our revamped homepage

Smartphones are a gateway to all sorts of portable electronics and all the associated software and services that come with them. As always, we aim to bring up to date information on this digital jungle and we think the latest facelift on our homepage will help you discover the most interesting developments without missing a thing.

First off, meet our new featured news section – it lives just below the review section and features the most important articles of the day. If you read nothing else today, we think these posts will be enough to keep you current with the world of mobile technology.

Below that is the new timeline of articles. We’ve been getting lots of comments on how two columns are hard to follow so we’ve merged news articles and blog posts in a common one. We also think it’s time we give them equal importance – you’re either on the lookout for a new phone or a cool new thing to do with the one you just bought. From important software updates to VR headsets, we try to cover everything.

By the way, we’ve made it easier to binge on new information – just keep scrolling, new articles will be loaded thanks to our new infinite scroll. If you’re ever in the mood to read everything, we’ve now cut down the waiting time. So dive in and enjoy!