This is luxury. Karalux’s 24K gold-plated BlackBerry Priv.

THERE’S no denying that the BlackBerry Priv is a beautiful smartphone.

It’s pretty sleek, and offers a premium look and feel that many other high-end smartphones on the market just can’t offer.

If you’re looking to take that premium look and feel to the next level, though, Karalux, a Vietnamese gold-plating shop, has got you covered.

Karalux has just introduced the 24K gold-plated BlackBerry Priv, which will soon be available for purchase from the company’s online store.

Karalux is the same company who brought us the gold-plated Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and many others.

The camera module, side buttons, rear panel (below the screen) and the screen bezel are all plated in gold.

To do so, Karalux’s engineers had to take apart the Priv piece by piece before dipping it into a gold tank.

As is the case with other 24K gold items, these don’t run cheap.

For domestic customers, Karalux will give your Priv the gold treatment for $AU483.

Domestic customers can also purchase a gold-plated Priv from the company for $AU1500.

International customers will need to pay $AU1800 for a gold-plated Priv.

By Adam