Sony Xperia XZ Premium arrives in Canada on August 15, or in September

Sony will release the Xperia XZ Premium in Canada soon. The device is already on sale in the US, where it’s even received a $100 price cut recently. It will be out up north either on August 15, or in September. Two different reports came out on the matter today, and they don’t agree on much. What is clear is that Amazon will be offering the unlocked model, and that we’ll have to wait until it becomes available in order to find out how much it will cost.

Given that its current price in the US, in unlocked form, is $699.99, that means it could go for CAD 899 – or even CAD 999 if we take into account that the recommended retail pricing for the US is $799.

Another issue the two sources linked below don’t agree with is whether the XZ Premium’s fingerprint sensor will be disabled in Canada like it is in the US. As you may know already, Sony phones sold in the US have had their scanners disabled so far due to some mysterious contractual obligations pertaining to side-mounted biometrics. And since so far all Sony handsets have had their fingerprint sensors embedded in the power button, that means every single model the company has offered in the US with this feature has had it disabled. Will the same happen in Canada? Maybe. We’ll have to wait and see.