ZTE Z982 found on GFXBench: 6″ screen and 2160p video recording on a budget

Earlier this year, ZTE released the MAX XL, a 6” smartphone on a budget. That is more of a carrier phone, however, and its camera can’t shoot 2160p video. What if that could change?

A ZTE Z982 appeared on GFXBench with a similar 6” 1080p screen and Android 7.1 Nougat. It seems to use the same Snapdragon 435 chipset as well with 2GB of RAM and 32GB storage.

The camera is decidedly different, however. It packs a 16MP sensor and can indeed shoot 4K 2160p video. The selfie camera is an 8MP unit with reported video capabilities of 1,440 x 1,080px – that’s 4:3 1080p. We’re guessing this is a mistake (early software and all) and the selfie cam will be capable of the proper 16:9 1080p.

ZTE Z982 specs by GFXBench
ZTE Z982 specs by GFXBench

The Max XL sells for just under $200, the ZTE Z982 should be a bit pricier but not by much. Of course, that’s not something that GFXBench can detect. Also note that a while back we heard about a similar phone – the Z986, which should have the more capable Snapdragon 625 chipset (making it similar to another 6-incher, the Axon 7 Max).